Numbers and results

I’ve posted about this before… my weight chart on withings… my scales measure my weight, body fat and lean mass (and a few other things)… and as I’ve been getting older my weight has steadily gone up and up and up.

I’ve been weighing myself regularly since 2008 – initially I shifted about two stone, then since then it’s been slowly going up and up and up…. but lucky for me it’s mostly been good weight (and a bit of ageing).

My Withing scales are cool – you stand on them and they send your measurements via WiFi to your phone or device. What you measure you can manage.

In 5 years I’m up about 10-14lbs – about a stone in weight. But right now I’m feeling good on it. A smidgen below 10 stone (and about the same weight as my Dad!) … but, and this is where the right type of weight comes in…and why the first number on the scale can’t always be trusted. It’s the body composition that I’m interested in.

In 5 years I’ve added just about 3.5lbs of fat… therefore, the rest of the weight that I have added 6-10lbs is lean mass (or other).

I don’t really feel much different to 2015 – maybe a bit heavier … or I probably don’t look much different to photos back then… but it looks like all of my training and the way I eat is getting this outcome.

Then if we look at this year so far… or this last quarter, since January I’m down 2.7lbs in weight, and that’s down -4.4lbs it fat, and up 1.6lbs mass. That’ll do nicely. The gym sessions and running are / is working … as was eating a bit less in January (or not being greedy!).

So there we have it – you can only manage what you measure, and waist and body composition will become an outcome of your actions.

The other thing to measure is weight and hip measurements, I haven’t done that for a while, but I’m January I got 2cm smaller one both so there we have it. 🙂

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