New coffee machine

You might already know that I like my coffee… I don’t tend to drink too much of it, but I usually have a regular 1-2 cups a day in the morning… and I’ve had a capsule coffee machine for a while.

I started off with a tassimo one a while back, then about 4 years ago I upgraded to a Nespresso Krups Innisa machine which did the trick.

Then the other day I saw a great offer for a stainless steel Nespresso Criesta Plus coffee machine. Either on amazon or through John Lewis it had about 35% off the RRP price and I decided I’d treat myself to one.

It arrived on Sunday and I haven’t been excited about a new treat like this for a long time. It makes all sorts of coffees, from espressos to lungo black coffees, to flat whites and lattes. I have to say, it is beautiful and the coffee is good too.

As usual, I’ll try to sell my old coffee machine, and the milk frother I have too. They come with the original packaging and Instructions etc. I’ve put them on Facebook marketplace so we will see.

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