Heart rate and what it can tell you

My heart rate is measured regularly by my Apple Watch, and my Garmin fitness tracker, and last week I noticed a bit of a blip of an increased resting heart rate… to confirm that I had a cold. Boooooo. It’s more or less gone now, after a week thankfully.

My average resting heart rate is usually around 49-51… and last week around Wednesday I started to feel a bit of a sore throat leading to a cold / steaming eyes and nose etc. My first for a long time, so I’d better not moan too much. Plenty paracetamol and fluids and rest helped clear it away.

Then look at when I was at my worst with my cold on Friday last week (below), and my average heart rate jumped up to 59 that day.

It’s come back down over the weekend, with plenty rest, and this morning I got a warning It was 39 first thing…

Average Resting heart rates tend to be between 60-100, and it tends to be fitter people tend to have lower resting heart rates (and it can be down to genes too).

Resting heart rate is a good thing to keep an eye on to check you’re doing ok – (compare it to yourself and how your resting heart rate is usually, rather than comparing it with someone elses).

A raised resting heart rate can tell you that you’ve got an illness or infection, and can be a good indicator to take some time out and rest and recover, which is exactly what I did and it seemed to work. With a nice and sensible balance of running, and knowing when to rest to get over it.

What’s your resting heart rate?

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