January and Wk5 into Wk6

Today I got a good email from Garmin summarising my January. 29 miles walking and 115 miles running, and 7 times in the gym can’t be bad. 🙂 I’ve felt good on it too.

More walks than December, but it’s mostly walking to work – a nice wee 1km each way each day adds up and it a good way to start / finish the day.

I had a similar amount of steps in January compared to December, but a reduction in sleep – I blame holidays / time off vs work.

I had a good month, giving blood early on, with high iron levels…. and plenty exercise and good eating. But ended it with picking up a cold that my Dad had. My throat started to tickle on about Wednesday, and by Friday the cold was in full flow but I thought I’d try a run and see how I got on.

It was fine, but now some rest is needed, so I’ll have some good rest days and eat and drink plenty. I also had a lie in on Thursday and didn’t do my strength workout I’d planned, so it was just the on strength sessions last week, and just two runs:

Wk5 – 27 Jan
Mon: Rest
Tue: Spin & Squat Strength
Wed: 6.2M
Thu: Rest / Gym Coaching PM
Fri: 6.7M
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

My sleep has been affected by the cold too… but hopefully I’m at the end of it now. This is tracked by Garmin… an average of about 7 hours a night, but a good 9 hours last night (vs about 4 on Thursday night Ooft).

Now here’s the plan for next week as long as I’m feeling better by Tuesday:

Wk6 – 3 Feb
Mon: Rest
Tue: 6M
Wed: Spin & Deadlift Strength
Thu: 5k lunchtime run
Fri: 6M run
Sat: (day 30/1) / Spin & Clean n Press Strength 
Sun: (day 1/2) / 8M run

The end of my first 4 week block of the year and it went well. The cold will clear and I’ll get back on it when I’m ready.

Last week, it was my first week in a new job at the BBC… and I’m pleased to say I can tell already it’s going to be a good one. I’ve been trying for a while to make things better in there and carve a path for me to do good things again, I can tell that this is going to be good.

I noticed by Tuesday that I got my smile (and purpose) back in work, and long may it continue. This might just have been one of the best January’s yet, and I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring – even with these snotters. 🤪

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