Wk4 into Wk5

This week has been another old busy week training wise, and I had some time out away too visiting my Dad and step mum in Stonehaven. 

I had two rest days, mainly because by the end of the week, my legs were a little heavy and the rest on Saturday would probably be better than a quick body weight circuit session. 

Here’s what I did:

Wk4 – 20 Jan
Mon: 7M Easy
Tue: Spin & Clean n Press Strength 24kg
Wed: 6.5 Easy / Spin & 5×5 PB (day 14)
Thu: Rest / Travel
Fri: Run – 8 x 400m:400m 5.3M
Sat: Rest
Sun: 13M / Travel

4 runs = 32 miles, 2 strength sessions and 2 rest days. I’m away up just above 100 miles this month, so next week might get it up to about 120-125 or so.  

Here’s what my weekly Garmin summary says up to Saturday night:

That’ll be my highest January mileage since I started running… Garmin says I’ve done the following miles in January:

2010 – 39.3, 2011 – 94.1, 2012 – 82.5, 2013 – 111.1, 2014 – 67.6, 2015 – 53.8, 2016 – 40.4, 2017 – 100, 2018 – 100, 2029 – 70. 

So this January will be my highest mileage January since I started running. 

I must have taken on the habit from December when I was trying to round up to 1000 miles and got 134 miles for the month. Plus I do feel a bit invigorated with the new year and the new job. Long may it continue hopefully. 

I got a lovely sunrise in Stonehaven on Friday morning, and I’m up early on Sunday to run 13 miles with Jen and Glynis up in Ellon. Of course my runs with Debbie were good chat all week too. 

Now next week here’s the plan. I start my new job on Monday and I’ll have travelled back quite late on the Sunday so I’m taking a rest day (or might do a wee 4 miler in the morning if I’m awake). Then I’ll alternate strength training with running each day. Simple. 

Wk5 – 27 Jan
Mon: Rest
Tue: Spin & Squat Strength
Wed: Hill run
Thu: Spin & Deadlift Strength / Gym Coaching PM
Fri: 5-7M 
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M

I’ll weigh in on Monday too, but the signs so far this week are that my strength training and food intake is working so that I’m losing fat and building lean mass … hopefully that will show on the scales next week. 

Up to when I left home it was all looking good – down 3lbs body fat, up 2lbs lean mass. Here’s to strength training hopefully helping change things up a bit. 

Now here’s the sunrise from Stonehaven on Friday morning, which did help make the intervals a bit more bearable (even though I got chased and barked at by two dogs and joined running by another rather obedient and large dog that was more like a horse… until his owner called him back.)

What are you up to next week? Let me know by commenting below or leaving a comment on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains

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