Wk3 into Wk4

This last week has been a good week all round, with good training, good food intake and good news on the job front. I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling. 

I start my new job on the 27th January, and before that I’ll be working from Aberdeen a couple of days then visiting my Dad and step mum for the weekend. 

Last week I did 4 runs, of around 22 miles, 2 good strength sessions and one rest day. 

Wk3 – 13 Jan
Mon: Rest
Tue: 7.1M Easy 
Wed: Spin & Squat Strength
Thu: 5k lunchtime 
Fri: 10k Easy
Sat: Spin & Deadlift Strength 51/46kg & 30 min walk
Sun: 10k race

I’ve been logging my food on myfitnesspal just to track it short term and it looks like I’m around 300 calories in deficit each day on average, and my protein intake is around 31% or 139g each day.

That’s about 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight and what I’ve been aiming for so that’s good. 

When I was maintaining my weight last year, I was eating what I wanted, and likely being greedy. The main change I’ve made is that I’m not eating for the sake of it / out of habit / reaching for mini mars bars and I’m waiting for meals / drinking water to curb my appetite. 

The count on myfitnesspal helps too – for example, on Thursday we went out for a celebratory meal and it put me 300 cals over my daily intake, but overall through the week I was 200-300 cals under each day. It’s just a balance which I’m hopefully getting right. 

My sleep has been better too… I was still waking in the early hours some days, but managed to get an average of 8:16 per night on avg, up 30 mins on the week before. Work seems to be the main thing waking me up / keeping me up, so hopefully things with my sleep will improve even more now. 

The 10km Sunday was good – see the last post for the race report. After two strength sessions where I’d been a bit sore after them, I decided I wouldn’t beast it, but instead I’d enjoy the race and see what happened. Avg HR 160 or below. I had a big breakfast and a couple of coffees to get me fuelled and ready for it. 

I didn’t quite beast it, but I didn’t exactly take it easy… HR avg 163, max 175. It was 40-50 secs slower than the race I did in November, but still in theballparkof my recent 10k times, without me going full out.

I had some good food after it and a bath and a wee lie down in the afternoon. Then some food prep for next week and made sure I drank enough water to hydrate after the race. 

I ate quite a lot today, but still under calories by about 100. That’ll do. (Preciously I probably would have overeaten, since I’d ‘earned it’ in a race.)

Look belowI’m levitating. 😂

I’ve seen the results of all this exercise, eating well and trying to get good sleeps, in the last 2-3 weeks:

1 Jan: 140.7lbs / 75cm waist 101cm hips
24.2lbs body fat / 17.2%
111.6lbs lbm / 79.3%

19 Jan: 139.4lbs / 74cm waist 100 cm hips 
21.4lbs body fat / 15.4%
113lbs lbm / 81.1%

-1.3lbs overall = -2.8lbs body fat, +1.4lbs lbm

Heading in the right direction, my calorie deficit is ok, and hopefully the training is helping too. 1cm off my waist and hips is fine too. 

Now next week, I’ll tweak my training a bit given I’ll be away at the end of the week below is what I’m planning, including a big Wednesday with a run in the morning and strength in the evening (if I can muster it after work).Here’s the training I’m planning: 

Wk4 – 20 Jan
Mon: 6M Easy
Tue: Spin & Clean n Press Strength 24kg
Wed: 6M Easy / Spin & 5×5 PB (day 13-14)
Thu: Rest / Travel
Fri: Run – 8 x 400m:400m
Sat: KBs circuit or rest
Sun: 13M / Travel

I’ll maybe not track my food but I’ll try and eat well, include protein every time I eat, and not snack on sugar when I find myself hungry. (Ie not be greedy). Still aiming not to eat everything in sight, have a bit of hunger if it happens and aim for 30% protein, with a small calorie deficit. 

On Sunday I’m hoping to run with Jen and maybe Glynis in Ellon again. They’re doing 5 miles easy, then 6 miles at 8:45-9:00 min mile pace, then 2 mile recovery. Should be good. A busy week ahead.

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