Fresh start for me in 2020

Finally I get to say what I’ve been hoping would happen for a while now… I’ve got a new job at the BBC!

After my great time in News helping get new people in and helping all the lovely people there… I was on a quest to find another role that would best use my skills and experience…

On Monday I had an interview for a role in Ken Mcquarries office – and on Wednesday I found out I got it! Just in time for today – my Dad’s 79th birthday.

I took this little elephant below in my pocket for luck on Monday, and the pic above was taken just after my interview.

Ken is the Director of Nations & Regions and works all over the UK but has a base and I’ll be a part of his small team going forward. Big stuff. Maybe I’ll get to travel a bit more again if needed, and I’ll get a nice new desk etc.

Oh and I might have bought myself a few presents in anticipation of this… a new pair of oakleys, a running jacket and some new trousers.

It was all a bit of a bumpy journey for me in 2018 and it knocked a lot in my life off… but hopefully soon I’ll get to settle back into a role which plays to my strengths, and everything else will fall into place a bit better.

Looking forward to starting at the end of January. 👍🏻

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