Wk2 training into the next block

Men… maybe don’t look / read on now… (the following might not be of interest / relatable…)

I’ve been doing a bit of research into how as a female you can train inline with your hormones and cycle to get the best results – with the thought that different levels of progesterone and oestrogen throughout your monthly cycle, you perform better at some points in the month (roughly the first two weeks) than at others (last two weeks).

I’ve been tracking my cycle through my garmin app for a while now and it’s pretty regular, about 29-30 days… so I decided I’d make a 4 weekly training plan based on it.

Here’s what I did last week as a start… when I was effectively waiting for day 1, so I could start my training plan properly:

Mon: Spin & Circuits
Tue: Run – 8 x 400m:400m – 5.7M
Wed: 6.2M Run
Thu: 5k lunchtime
Fri: 6M Run (Cycle day 1)
Sat: Rest / give blood
Sun: 7.8M Long Run

I did 5 runs (about 29 miles), one gym session and i had one rest day on Saturday. My cycle started on Friday, and luckily (tough wood) I don’t get much pain but the odd cramp.

Now here’s the next block:

Wk3 – 13 Jan
Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 5M hills
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: Spin & Circuits (or 5×5)
Fri: 6-7M Easy
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10k race

Wk4 – 20 Jan
Mon: Rest
Tue: Clean n Press Strength
Wed: Run – 8 x 400m:400m
Thu: Spin & 5×5 PB (day 14)
Fri: 6M easy run
Sat: Rest (travel)
Sun: 8-9M Run

That was the first two weeks where I’ll be training with weighted strength and running. Then the next two weeks will be a little less hard, effectively giving myself a bit of a break. And it’ll fit in nicely with a weekend away at the end of January visiting family.

Wk5 – 27 Jan
Mon: Circuits
Tue: Rest & Travel
Wed: Hills
Thu: Spin & KBs
Fri: 5-7M
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M

Wk6 – 3 Feb
Mon: Rest
Tue: Spin & Circuits
Wed: 3x1600m intervals
Thu: Spin & KBs
Fri: 3-5M run or rest
Sat: (Cycle day 30/1) / Rest
Sun: (Cycle day 1/2) / 7M run

I’m being a bit more strict with what I eat – ie not eating everything in sight, and trying to manage my appetite. It seems to be working. Fuelling my runs and training but not overdoing it, and I’ve also been trying to make sure I hydrate well too.

Next week is a big one for me and fingers crossed it all goes well. If you have a cape you can give me tomorrow, I’d appreciate it. 👍🏻

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