Wk52 into Wk1

My focus to get 1,000 miles for the year seems to have worked… I have one run left, 4.5 miles which will get me up to my goal. Next year I’ll run more in summer to prevent me having to do this again. But I’m glad I managed to get on it this month and run the 134 required. (More than my May and June mileage out together). I’m pleased I managed to stick with it.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 7M
Wed: 4.4M (25.3M)
Thu 26: 3.4M wi Ewen (21.9)
Fri 27: 9.6M
Sat 28: 7.8M wi Debbie
Sun 29: Spin & Circuits

And here’s my plan for next week:

Mon 30: 4.5M
Tue 31: Spin & KBs Strength
Wed: 6M
Thu: Spin & 5×5 Strength
Fri: 10M
Sat: Rest
Sun: Spin & KB

I’ll likely give blood one day too:.. not sure which day but I’ll figure it out. Back into the gym from tomorrow. Starting off with bike intervals and circuits, then moving on to strength work from the following week. Hopefully I don’t get too sore from it.

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