9.6 miles in the rain and cold 🥶

I looked at the weather last night and it said, raining, feels like 3’C. Brrrrr. And I can confirm that’s exactly what it felt like.

I planned 8-10 miles, to knock off some of the 22 miles I had left to do before the end of the year (to get me to my 1,000 mile goal). I decided I’d run up to Pollok Park and about, maybe through Bella, maybe through Maxwell Park…

I ended up making up the route and decided I’d go along Maxwell Drive to head towards Bellahouston Park. I thought I’d split the run down into 2 mile chunks, then as I went on, I split it into 3 miles or 5ks.

It was raining right from the start but not too heavily… I had started to try to avoid the puddles, but before long I was running through them, feet soaked. It didn’t help when I nearly got soaked by a passing car at a bridge going up to Maxwell Drive… but luckily it seemed to miss me.

As I was running through Bellahouston my watch ticked off 5k in about 27 minutes. I was running comfortably and faster on my own than with others, but I have to say it didn’t feel as enjoyable running on my own. I don’t do it often, and I found myself feeling niggles and pains that weren’t usually there. And of course they went away, as if they were in my head anyway.

At least it was light. And there was also the thought deep down that I’m lucky to be able to go out and run for an hour and a half… rain or cold, or not.

I saw a few other runners out, but not many. More (crazy) people were out walking … I guess dogs need walked whatever the whether and hopefully their gear was more waterproof than mine was.

At about 4 miles I’d thought about pulling the run and just running home for about 6 miles. That would leave 16 miles to do in 4 days – easily achievable… but before I knew it I was on track to do about 8-10 miles as planned.

The miles were ticking off and before I knew it I was at 10k I’m about 54 minutes so nice and steady. By now through my legs were soaked through, and the rain had soaked through to my pants… cold wet legs… bloody winter.

I imagined myself down somewhere in Spain or somewhere, 15-20’C, nice and warm and pain free. My legs felt a bit like they were ceasing up, but going on autopilot at the same time.

My jacket I was wearing is wind proof, not water proof, so an hour in I was feeling cold and wet on top too. I do have a warm waterproof running jacket… but it’s in the loft. Great place for it. Think I’ll be getting it down today!

I got to 7 miles coming out of Pollok Park – that’s where I know I have about 2 miles to get home so I knew I’d get to 9 miles. A miracle given the way I’d been thinking on the run.

My heart rate had been easy throughout, apart from going up the hill in Pollok Park and for the last two miles where I decided I’d push it a little. Back over the small bridge and this time a car did soak me, but it didn’t matter… I was soaked through by that point anyway.

I ran towards my house and 9 miles ticked off… then I ran down towards the Clyde to finish it off and wind down a bit towards the end. At 9.6 miles I thought about rounding it up to 10 miles … but f that.

That leaves 12.3 miles to do before the end of the year. 7 miles ish with Debbie tomorrow will leave 5.3 ish to do in 3 days. Easy peasy. Remind me to do more miles each month next year!

I came home, soaking wet, and for the first time ever stripped down in the front porch (people can’t see in from outside)… my legs red raw, I went straight into the shower and it wasn’t too nice. Cold hot… whatever, you know the feeling.

A roll and sausage or two might help me recover I think. 😉

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