Elephant savings 2019

Each year I do this… save up any spare £1 coins and put them into my elephant that my lovely brother and sister in law got me as a nice present in 2015.

This year I was thinking I’m really not using cash like I used to so I thought that my haul this year would be less… and I was right.

Here’s what I’ve got each year since I got it:

2016 – £120
2017 – £75
2018 – £89

Then this year I managed to save a whole £50 in it (at least it’s a round number – but just under £1 a week!). Anyway, I can put it towards these trainers for this year.

I always like to see how much I can save in £1 coins, but with me using Apple Pay and contactless more it’ll likely go down each year. We will see. Maybe I need a digital Elephant savings account? 😂

Still, over £300 saved in 4 years, can’t be bad.

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