Wk51 until the end…

So that’s me run 963.3 up to 22/12/19 this year, so that leaves 36.7 miles to do in 9 days… that should be doable.

Here’s the plan:

Mon: 7M
Tue: 6M
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4M
Fri: 6M
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8M

Mon: 5.7M
Tue: Rest

Here’s my annual mileage since 2012:

If the above runs go to plan this week and next, my year 2019 mileage will look a bit like this… March was the build up to two half marathons off the back of a few months of strength training.

August was build to the great Scottish run… May and September were holidays. June was laziness? 😂 ha ha. Only kidding. Who knows. That’ll be 185 runs for 2019.

If there was ever a time to tell me to run more in Summer, then this is it. … last wee bit now anyway.

It’s good what you can do if you set your mind to it.

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