On target…

After a bit of planning and plenty of running with a few days rest I’m on target for my 1,000 mile running goal for the year.

At just under half way through the month, I’m just over half way to the monthly goal of about 134 miles. It’ll be 20 more than I did in my highest month of the year so far (August), and If I keep running like I have been I should be on target to do the remaining 65 miles.

My annual garmin graph gives me a good reminder of how much I’ve got left to do.

Last week I was doing well, but felt like I needed some good rest days for my legs had Sunday and Monday off running… then with the really bad weather on Tuesday I decided to give it a miss as well.

Then I ran a good 8.4 miles around the West end on Wednesday, 10 miles on Thursday and 6.6 miles on Friday with Debbie. Fit Girl has been running a regular Saturday morning to the transport museum and back, and today I decided to join her. A rather cold early wet dark soggy run… 30 mins… I’m glad I did it.

Now I’m planning about 4 runs a week, maybe two with Debbie each week for her chat and also to keep us both motivated. And I might see if anyone else wants some company to get some other chat on the run too. 30 ish miles a week. My body is holding up ok, although I will take rest is my legs / feet need it.

It’s amazing how much the cold wind and rain makes running harder… roll on Spring and out week away to Portugal that we’ve booked.

I’ll leave you with this rather pretty picture fro the other morning that Fit Girl took on her way to work. It’s one of the nice things about winter… seeing the sun rise as you walk to work… and the full moon too in this one.

17 days left in December, 65 miles to go… should be achievable – hopefully!

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