80 miles in November

So my 1,000 mile running goal is off for the year. I could have made it if I ran 110 miles in November and December, but I’m November I managed only a nice round 80 miles… so I won’t make 1,000 miles for the year.

950 is a more achievable target now, so I’ll aim for that instead. That leaves me with 83.7 miles to run in December – that should be manageable.

In November I had some regular runs of about an hour with Debbie, and a couple of shorter runs and a couple of longer runs. My longest was on Thursday to round my mileage up to 80 = 10.8 miles.

I’m up in the Wick for the weekend and I’m going to run long again tomorrow. Maybe 2 hours with my friend from here. Maybe I’ll need to run round and round the town… ha ha. Maybe not. I’m sure my friend Grant will have a good route picked out for us.

Nice big skies up here, I do miss them. The low Winter sun too, it got me seeing two rainbows on the way up today. They made me smile.

As did this special pizza from De Vita’s, with EVERYTHING on it… carb loading for the run tomorrow.

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