Wk45 into Wk46

Last week I did 3 runs of about 15 miles and a strength session. A bit of a slow start to the week and an end to the week with what feels a bit like the start of some sort of cold… it’s not started properly yet and hopefully won’t. I’ll try and eat and sleep plenty to see if I can fight whatever it is off.

The sunrises have been nice this week, and if they’re not a reason to get up and train, I don’t know what is.

Here’s my plan for training next week, depending on how I feel I might take more rest days or change it up a bit.

Mon: Strength / Coaching PM
Tue: Run
Wed: Strength / Coaching PM
Thu: Run with Debbie & lunchtime 5k
Fri: Strength
Sat: 4-8M (or rest)
Sun: Jimmy Irvine 10k

I had a nice weekend this weekend, spending time with friends and family. No running but plenty of chat, fun and rest. And I finished something I’ve been working on for a while now (more about that later).

I feel a bit like I’m limping into winter with my training, but I’ll take it as it comes and keep it ticking over. I don’t like the cold, so today I got my winter running gear out so at least I’ll be warm on the run. Trousers, long tops and reflective gear.

Today we had a nice breakfast at the boathouse in Rouken Glen Park then went a walk around the park I always say I should get to know that park better by running in it I should do really.

Next Sunday I have the Jimmy Irvine 10k again, should be fun. No pressure, let’s see what happens, as long as the lurgy stays away. Great fun November. 😂

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