Rainbow Lux Glass 🌈 like and share

Anyone who knows me or follows me in here knows how impartial I am to a wee rainbow, and why. I won’t go into it again… but what I would like to share with you is a little shop online that I love.

Rainbow Lux Glass… is run by Kelly in Southampton, and she makes lovely glass items, including lovely rainbows and rainbow themed gifts along with other glassware she makes. Ideal for Christmas, or just to have as nice things in your house or as nice presents for others.

One Christmas someone got me a medium sized rainbow, and that same year I decided I’d get 8 people who had been there for me in my life, a nice little rainbow – a wee rainbow thanks. You know who you are. See more here:

Then since then I’ve bought a few more mini ones for others who are special or who have been there for me.

They’re so pretty and special, and when you order you get a wee free gift / surprise in the box too – the attention to detail Kelly does is brilliant.

She makes each and every order special and It would be great if you could follow or share her work / shops. The links to them are below:




This Christmas, why not buy some of Rainbow Lux’ rainbows to brighten up other people’s lives. 👍🏻 🌈

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