Find something that works

Of all the queries I get, probably the most common one is – how do I make exercise work for me?

From someone asking me how I fit exercise in, to someone asking for advice on how to make exercising consistent for them.

Then to a few people who have found exactly what works for them, and I see great pride from them when they tell me how it’s working for them. You know who you are.

I’ve found that the best ways to do it is to:

1. Do something you enjoy or find easy / not too hard,
2. Be able to fit it into your life.
3. Set yourself a goal 🎯 🥅 and reason for doing it.
4. Schedule it in, and fuel it properly. 📅 🥘
5. Make it consistent and fun 🤪 if you can.
6. Get others on board to either support you, do it with you 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ or push you out the door, or achieve your goal.
7. Listen 👂 to your body and make sure you take rest when you need it (and push it when you can too).
8. Be kind to yourself. Life sometimes takes over, but always have your goal and how you’ll achieve it, at the forefront. if it isn’t working, switch tact and see how you can make it work for you.
9. Review how your week went and decide how you’ll improve it or deliver better next week.
10. Measure yourself and your progress, adapt and reward yourself when you achieve.

So from finding a gym class that motivates you, to asking someone you know (or a coach or PT) for some advice on what you can do that will suit your lifestyle – to planning to do something every day or every second day, it can all make a difference.

If you hate swimming or you hate rowing, or you plan a mammoth session, or if your training isn’t fun – it’s likely that you won’t do it. Or you’ll talk yourself out of it, or have another thing that overshadows it and becomes more important. Find something that you enjoy and you know you could do regularly.

If you make it simple – do and repeat 4-8 exercises that you know how to do, write them down, practice them. Start low / simple and progress them to be harder with more weight or resistance over time. Or go to a class where the exercises are prescribed and you’re told what to do.

Get a plan, fit it in around your life style. Run with or train with others (for accountability, chats or support). Measure your progress so that you see results and once you achieve your goal or mini goals, reward yourself or aim for the next step.

October hasn’t been the most consistent month for me, with other things getting in the way. But I’ve listened to it all, and I’ve put things in place (mostly running with Debbie – she’s helping me and I’m helping her) to try to keep my consistency with running.

I’ve not achieved my 100 mile goal for the month (I’ll maybe get 70-75), and I’ll likely not meeting my 1,000 goal for the year, but that’s ok. I know why I likely haven’t met it, and it’s not the end of the world. Life took over for a bit, and that’s ok.

I’m not feeling guilty or beating myself up, instead I’m taking care and progressing a few of my other goals instead.

What are your goals and reason for doing something? What is your something that will work?

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