Wk42 & Wk43 into Wk44

The last two weeks I’ve been keeping my running ticking along, but other things have sort of got in the way of getting back into regular visits to the gym.

Part of it is not wanting to be sore after it, and the other is not getting good sleeps and waking up to the dark that is autumn. Runs at lunchtime kept me running and being out with others, as did running with Debbie some mornings.

We got proper soaked on Thursdays lunchtime run… it started about 3 minutes before the end and drenched us. Pretty funny really – my hair was wrecked for the rest of the afternoon, but hey ho.

Mon: Strength / 4M coaching run
Tue: 3.6M lunchtime run
Wed: Rest
Thu: 3.1M lunchtime run
Fri: 6M run
Sat: 6.1M run
Sun: Strength

I have a plan for my strength training, body weight to start with then building to weights, and fingers crossed I’ll get a good start to it next week.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 3.1M lunchtime run
Wed: 6.8M run
Thu: 3.7M lunchtime run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest / walk
Sun: 3.5M run

This last week I ran 3 short runs (30 mins) and a longish run (1 hour). It takes me to 59.3M for October … and if all goes to plan I’ll be up to 75 miles for the month. (If I manage to get myself out).

Here’s my plans for next week training wise:

Mon: Bodyweight strength
Tue: 5M + 3.1M lunchtime
Wed: Bike & Strength / PM 4M coaching
Thu: 6.6M
Fri: Bike & Strength
Sat: 8M
Sun: Rest

It’ll be lighter in the mornings for a bit, and my sunlight alarm clock has helped, so fingers crossed I get some better sleeps next week and I’m able to get up early to train.

I’ll see if I can get some runs with Debbie and lunchtime and maybe fit girl on Saturday, and I’ve got some coaching on Wednesday night with someone I’m going to help get up and running and hopefully enjoying it as much as I do.

Gym / Strength Monday, Wednesday, Friday if all goes well.

November here we come. :-/

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