Holiday outcomes / numbers

Well, here’s the outcome of the last couple of weeks of doing totally different things (eating and exercising very differently to my usual).

What we do, gives us the outcomes we get.

I ate lots, and we walked lots. We also slept more than usual too.

As I said ate lots on holiday, but really we ate differently too – 2 big meals a day (breakfast and dinner), plus the rest / snacks to keep us going …

I had … 4 ice creams, 3 pizzas, 3 burgers, 2 breakfast steaks (with eggs and potatoes), 3 blueberry pancakes, 1 french toast, 2 omelettes, 1 (massive) Teriyaki chicken, 1 little mac n cheese, 1 chef’s mess (below). A few coffees, a few bits of peanut butter snickers and some m&ms. I had whatever I fancied.

The chefs mess from Martin’s Coffee Shop in Brookline was maybe my favourite, scrambled eggs with goats cheese, turkey bacon, peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, avocado and rye toast. (Although breakfast steaks and eggs were good too.)

I did put on weight, but not too much, and it’s a good starting point to see what changes I can make in the last quarter of the year.

31 Aug: 138lbs / 16.5% body fat
22.8lbs body fat / 115.2lbs other
110.4lbs lbm / 79.9%

23 Sep: 139.8lbs / 16.5% body fat
23lbs body fat / 116.8lbs other
111.8lbs lbm / 80%

That’s an increase of 1.8lbs, which includes a smidgen of body fat, and 1.4lbs lean mass. (Or so my scales say). Body fat % stayed the same.

Walking lots and eating lots… I maybe ate a bit more than I needed, but that’s ok – I was on my holidays. 😉 The food likely fuelled all of our walking. I did no other exercise, in 12 days.

I’m back at nearly 10 stone again, and now I plan to reign in my intake and get some good exercise / training during in the next few months / autumn / winter and see what happens.

Some other measures that changed include:

My resting heart rate has dropped, from 45-52 at the end of September, to 38-43.

My walking max dropped from 120 to 77 too. Running gets my heart rate up to 150-180 and that didn’t happen, so I guess my walking fitness maybe improved instead.

My blood pressure has reduced / changed, to 94/73 from 105/65 in July.

I don’t feel much different, so that’s ok. But exercising / training / running should increase both my resting heart rate and my blood pressure (in an ok way).

All of that was from a result of walking around 20-26,000 steps a day, having a big breakfast and good dinner, with a snack / coffee or small lunch if we wanted it. Plus whatever else we wanted.

Oh, and an average of 10+ hours sleep a day… I could get used to that! Sleep is magic.

I managed to get a bit of sleep on the plane home, perhaps helped by me taking some melatonin that I bought over there… and then yesterday I managed to stay up until bedtime without being tempted to go to bed far too early.

A good sleep last night and some more this week should sort us out going forward. 👍🏻

Now, I’m hungry again… what will I have for breakfast? 🤪

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