Wk36 into Wk37

This last week I took quite a few rest days, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I think I needed them, but I still managed to get 1 Strength session in on Monday and 3-4 runs – 28 miles. So that’s all good.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Bike & Strength @630
Tue: 3.3M wi FG
Wed: Rest
Thu: 7M incl 3.3M solo
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 17.7M incl 10.9M coaching

A nice wee sky early on Thursday as the sun came up. I like this time of the year for running as it’s getting cooler and the mornings are getting darker but not too dark.

This was further up the Clyde, the sun rise bouncing off my work building. Thursday was when I ran in my own for what I realised was the first time in a while.

I like running with others, but I must run solo sometimes too. It’s good for the wee brain cells and mood. Getting time to think and process things.

So my training has gone well, but my sleep could be better. I keep waking at 3, 4 or 5 and it being able to get back to sleep. For an average of 7 hours a night. Oooft. I must do better. Early night tonight and I should sleep well after running for 3 hours, I’ll need the recovery.

Next week, I have two days at work then I’m on leave, but here’s my plans…

Mon: 4.3M solo run
Tue: Bike & Strength (or do it on mon pm)
Wed: 4-5M Run wi Debbie
Thu: Rest / travel

After that I’ll be leaving it to just see what happens.

Progress is happening with the outcome of my training and fuelling… in the last two weeks, a drop of over 3lbs in weight, and a small drop in body fat %

26 August: 141.5lbs / 16.8% body fat
23.7lbs body fat / 117.8lbs other
112.3lbs lbm / 79.7%

9 Sep: 138.1lbs / 16.6% body fat
22.9lbs body fat / 115.2lbs other
110.3lbs lbm / 79.9%

-0.8lbs body fat and -2lbs lean body mass, and likely a small drop in water weight. That’s the result of lots of running a few strength and bike sessions and some sleep that’s far from ideal.

Holidays are coming soon though, as are more ice cream likely. Wooohooo.

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