WK35 into Wk36

Last week I didnt do any strength training, but got 3-4 good runs in. 24.3 miles to get me up to 115 miles for August. My highest mileage yet this year so far. See what you can do if you focus on your goals a bit?

I don’t mind that I didnt do any strength as I’m on a bit of a wind down before my holidays and the rest days were good.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 6.3M wi DMc
Wed: Rest
Thu: 3.3M wi FG then 5M wi DMc
Fri: Rest
Sat: 9.7M
Sun: Rest

Now this coming week, here’s what I’m planning:

Mon: Bike & Strength @630 (done)
Tue: 5-6M hilly (Nithsdale)
Wed: Bike & Strength @630 / 4-5M easy run in the PM / DMc
Thu: 5M easy EL
Fri: Bike & Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 14M coaching

Let’s see if I can do all of that? And if I take some more rest, then cool.

Fit Girl is so motivated and usually up at 6am and in the gym for 615-645am weekdays… so it’d be good for me to get up and out for 630 if I can. Having a time to stick to usually helps, so there it is (as long as I get enough sleep).

I’ve also arranged a couple of runs with others to make sure I do them, and to get some good chat in.

I might not get three bike & strength sessions in but I enjoyed the one on Monday morning. So we will see.
This was a nice sunrise pic from about 7am on Tuesday. The days are getting shorter. 😦 oh well, at least it’ll be a bit cooler. Autumn is my favourite time of the year to run.

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