115 miles in August & some graphs

This month I finished just ahead of my monthly running mileage target at a nice round 115 miles. 👍🏻 🎯

I had put more of a focus on doing running more regularly, and I’m feeling good for it. I’ve been running between 25-35 miles a week with some good long runs with others.

Having a target definitely motivates me and gets me to focus on the task in hand. I’ve still been doing Strength training too, but not as much. 1-2 times a week, or none like this week unless I do a session tomorrow.

So now this year so far I’m at 640 miles running. And this was my plan last month to get me to 1,000 miles for the year (with 5 months to go)…

So now with 360 miles to go for the rest of the year, here’s my plan running wise:

Sep: 75
Oct: 100
Nov: 95
Dec: 90

In September I have a long run the first weekend, and last weekend, but I’ll be on leave so I don’t want to put pressure on myself. I’ll aim for about 25 miles a week and take a few days off for some holidays. If my mileage drops below 75 I’ll make it up the other three months.

Here’s my miles since February:

And now for some more graphs … 🙂

Here’s my runs this week… rest day, run day, rest day, run day, rest day, run day…

And here’s my resting and max heart rate…

It looks like my resting heart rate has dropped from 50-51 throughout most of the year, down to 47-48 in the last month. And my high heart rate has dropped from about 145-155 down to about 140 monthly. Good stuff.

Add to that my monthly vo2 max estimate increasing again too up to 52 … and it looks like all this running is doing me some good (July 95 miles, from 60 in May and June). Or so the numbers say. This is from a peak in March when I trained for 2 half marathons.

I’m not sure I feel like a 20 year old…. like my Garmin thinks… but I’ll take that.

And finally, with all those miles… since the start of the year my weight has gone up and down a bit…

But it looks like I’ve lost 1.5lbs, which is 1lb body fat loss and a loss of about 0.5lb lean mass. More or less the same so maybe I’ve got a balance on what I’m doing (exercise and eating).

Although the last few months with less strength training has meant a bit of a drop in lean mass (-3lbs since February).

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