Wk34 into Wk35

This last week I did a lot of running compared to usual, 5 runs, just over 30 miles and I managed to squeeze one Strength session in, on the Sunday. A chart session in the bike, then a timed tabata workout – 8 exercises 4 times each. Done.

I enjoyed my runs with others, the 8 miler on my own and a 10 miler coaching as part of Fiona and Camilla’s 18 mile training run. They’re training for Berlin marathon which is in about 5 weeks time and their training is going well.

I had a good initial coaching session with a client on Sunday too… I’m going to work with her to get her back to being fit, and act as accountability for her going forward. I like helping people and it looks like I’ll be able to help her going forward.

Here’s what I did last week training wise:

Mon: 3.5M wi FG
Tue: Rest
Wed: 8M easy
Thu: 45 min stairs wi FG
Fri: 5.3M wi DMc
Sat: 10M coaching wi Camilla & Fiona
Sun: Rest / Bike & Strength

5 runs = 30.4M, 1 Strength session, 1 Rest day … and we watched the sun go down on Sunday night which was nice.

It was a good week exercise wise anyway and my sleep was pretty good too. I’ve been waking up stupidly early recently, around 4 or 5am, which was good in Thursday morning as I went out very early for my 8 miler. Early nights and early rises are fine, as long as I get enough sleep.

I had a wacky dream on Sunday night, the ZMA likely causing them, but I quite like remembering the wacky dreams. I won’t go into it, but I was oddly in a virtual reality world on holiday and in special clothing. Lol.

Here’s what I’m planning this coming week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5.3M wi DMc
Wed: Bike & Strength
Thu: 5M effort session or run wi Fit Girl
Fri: Bike & Strength
Sat: Rest or short run
Sun: 14M coaching

Bank holding Monday and off work so it’ll be a rest day. Then 3 runs including a long run coaching with Lisa who is training for the Dublin marathon again.

I’ll aim to get in the gym twice if I can muster up the enthusiasm to do it. It’s only 30-40 mins plus 8 mins on the bike, so there should be no excuses really. Especially when I’m waking so early.

My weight seems to be creeping up to the heaviest I’ve been in a while, a mix of added body fat and lean mass, but I’m probably eating too much so I’ll keep an eye on that and maybe stop being so greedy all the time.

And I’m trying the odd coffee again, but still not really enjoying it, so it’s likely I’ll stay off it for a bit longer.

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