Wk33 into Wk34

My legs are a bit tired tonight after a big long day running and lots of driving. But last week was a good week for my training… I did 4 runs just over 20 miles, 3 Strength sessions and a rest day.

My miles for the month are up to about 60 (18 days in – and the same amount I did for the whole of May and for June).

Mon: Bike & Strength
Tue: 3.2M wi FG & Strength / Physio
Wed: 4M including smartie tube reps
Thu: Rest
Fri: 4.2M Run
Sat: 30 min Strength
Sun: 9.4M wi Jen & Glynis

4 runs (20.8M), 3 Strength, 1 rest

I had a good long run on Sunday, followed by plenty of food and water and a drive back down the road. It was nice running with Jen and Glynis in Ellon again and meeting Sarah and Captain Sensible. They’re part of a friendly bunch of runners called bots from Ellon … they all have nicknames… and Jen called me super bot which I’ll take.

It was nice to be welcomed in as an honorary bot for the day. They’re such nice and friendly people.

I had a nice end to the week with my Dad and step mum working from Aberdeen for the end of the week. Lots of nice food and chat – Ice cream and steak too.

This week coming, I had a bit of a rest day today, including a couple of walks making 10,000+ steps. And some acupuncture / physio to try to help fix my neck pain. I have some exercises to do that I’ll do along side / on top of any strength training circuits and running I do.

I’ve planned the following training:

Mon: Rest & Physio
Tue: 5k / Bike & Strength
Wed: 45 min speed work
Thu: 8M easy
Fri: 5k / Bike & Strength (or swap with Sunday)
Sat: 10M coaching
Sun: Rest

I might ditch one of the runs, but I’ll see how I go. My main aim is to get plenty of good sleeps in. So I’m away off for an early night.

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