What is your why – and setting goals…

Having a good reason to train, exercise, be active or change things up to be a better version of you is important. Your why… your reason to get up early and train before breakfast, or your reason to do what others don’t with your nutrition or exercise… to have a good reason, or a good why… is to help you to be successful at it.

And it doesnt just apply to training… it could apply to any part of life… family, career, finances… setting goals and having a reason or why to achieve them, can be a good way to get things done and change your life for the better.

Here’s a way to start thinking about your why, your reason for doing it…and I’ve answered why deep down I’m on the health and fitness train…

1. What’s your why for fitness? Why is it worthwhile?To be healthy and fit, and to feel good. It helps me be the best version of me. It’s worthwhile as it makes me happy and I feel fortunate to be able to do it. I also get to spend time with nice people I like.

2. Why is it important to you? How does it benefit you?
It is important to me as I want to make sure I’m healthy, fit and well. I also enjoy the social support I get and being able to help others achieve their goals. It benefits me in many ways, sometimes not obvious and taken for granted – health, wellness, endorphins, perspective from others, achievement, reward from helping others.

3. Why do those things matter to you?
Helping others brings me a lot of reward and it’s important for me to be fit enough to run 10+ miles if I’m coaching someone to help them to do the same (or more). It’s also important for me to learn how to strength train properly and lose weight / build muscle so that I can help others do the same. And it’s a great achievement having built strength / achieved goals, or being able to run an event or long distance.

4. What makes it so special that you will choose to keep doing it – what is your why?

It’s become a way of life… a habit… a feel good factor. My partner does it too which helps, and I’ve set up a great gym on my doorstep so I can use it whenever I want. And being able to lace up and go out for a run (long or short) is such a privilege, and I hope to continue to be well enough to do it a long time from now.

What are your goals?
1. Consistently train so I’m fit and healthy – strength & running & good sleeps.
2. Train for the Glasgow half marathon at end of September.
3. To look at and do something with my career and and see where it can take me.

You get the idea… then once you have your goals – which should be positive and talk about what you want to do… not about what you want to stop or lose (ie weight)…now have a think about and write down how you’ll achieve your goals.

Will you get in touch with a friend and ask them to go walking or running with you? Will you ask your partner to join you on this journey? Will you get a coach or PT? WIll you get a training plan? What destructive behaviours will you stop doing?

Take it bit by bit – don’t change too much all at once. I’ve put three goals for me above… but you could just do one… or two maybe. Don’t let it overwhelm you, and if you can, let people you trust know about them and ask if you can lean on them for support.

It’s not a question of will power or how you can stop doing something you know is destructive, it’s about becoming the person who says no because they want to. Because your why is more important than anything that will power will break.

To achieve your goals – ask yourself these questions:

1. What will you start doing?
2. What will you stop doing?
3. What will you continue to do?
4. Who will you get support, advice or accountability from to achieve them?
5. What has worked for you in the past?

6. Is there anything in your way to stop you achieving your goals?
6a. If so, how can you work around them or overcome them?

7. How will you measure your progress?
8. What will success or the best version of you look like?

Finally, the last thing to think about is what do you see yourself as now?

Going back 10 years, I was overweight and had a pretty crappy routine. I binged alcohol too much (but was apparently having fun doing it). I was a typical Scottish under 30 female… drinking most weekends, wasting my money and time on what was fun at the time. I’m reminded of myself then and I think of ‘Drunk Lorn’ or ‘Overweight Lorn’.

I was likely having a good time, but I wasn’t very healthy and I hadn’t found my why.

And what would you like to see yourself as in a years time?

Now, 10 years on I’ve made exercise and training a major part of my life. I signed up for and trained for events, learned about how to train to be the best I can be and to achieve fitness goals I’d set myself. I raised money for charity along the way. I lost about 2 stone and turned my body from an overweight lump, to a fit and healthy athlete and coach.

Now I’m ‘Lorn the Athlete’.. or ‘Lorn the Coach’ – and I live my life by that. I think like a fit person, I think about food as a fuel, to help me recover, and sleep to help me recover and get a balance. I still eat what I want but I have a better balance and I’m able to stop doing things if I choose to and if I give myself a good reason for it. (ie alcohol, Diet Coke, coffee). I monitor my progress, do updates on here, keep a track of how I’m doing with numbers and I make sure I take rest, recovery and holidays / time out.

Athletes and coaches can be role models, so I try to live my life hopefully by setting an example… helping others to see that it can be done. I still have fun and I try to get a balance… which means ice creams and burgers are not off the menu, but I’m careful to get a good balance between food, nutrition, activity, rest and fun.

Decide what would you like to be in a years time… and go be it…. now.
Give yourself a persona, a way that you want others to start seeing you. Start now.

– A fit and healthy Mum or Dad, who is a role model for their kids? Why not?

– A runner who is fit and healthy enough to run a 10k, marathon or half marathon? Why not?

– Create your goal/s, and your reasons for achieving your goals…
– Learn, plan and get support and help from others.
– Answer the questions above, and get started. Get it done. Make it happen.

What are you waiting for?

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