Setting a running mileage target

You might remember back in 2017 I decided that I would set myself a challenge of running 100 miles a month after setting the challenge in the January and enjoying being motivated by it. It was a good way to keep the mileage up, and got me into the way of rounding up my monthly mileage.

I’ve been running since 2008 and for Christmas that year I got my first Garmin and I’ve never looked back since. Looking back I’ve run over 10,000 miles in 9 years and 7 months… an average of about 1,055 miles a year.

Some years I’ve run more than others…peaking at over 1,300 miles in 2010 … and seeming to make sure I’d rounded to a whole number from 2016 onwards.

In 2016 I ran 1050 miles, which was 2016km… numbers numbers numbers.

In 2018 I ran 1000 miles quite comfortably… but this year has been a little different. With holidays in March and June, and a focus on strength training in April and May.. my mileage has reduced.

Jan: 70
Feb: 75
Mar: 95
Apr: 70
May: 60
Jun: 60
Jul: 95
= 525 in 7 months / 75 miles a month on avg

Today I took notice of my mileage for this year so far and thought about what I’d like to do for 2019.

1,000 miles seems appealing and achievable. With 475 miles to run in 5 months to get to 1,000 miles this year – that’s an average of 75 miles a month.

But I have holidays in September as well as the great Scottish Run half at the end of September. But with my time off, I’ll need to reduce the mileage for that month and build my mileage in August.

So here’s the plan, which will take into consideration holidays, a race and winter:

Aug: 110
Sep: 70
Oct: 105
Nov: 100
Dec: 90
475 miles or 1,000 for the year

That could work, and if I don’t make it, no worries, I’ll just round up my mileage to a lesser annual goal. I’ll see how it goes.

So how do you set an annual goal at this time of the year?

Well I will say it doesn’t have to be as lofty as mine – make it work for you. Everyone is different – maybe 25 miles a month, or for higher numbers with less distance, use kms. 50km is about 30 miles or so… 100km is about 61 miles.

– Start with an annual number and work it back:

300 miles a year = 25 miles a month
1000km / 12 = about 83km a month / about 50 miles a month.
50 miles a month is 600 miles a year.

– or given than we’re 5 months in, see where you’re at now at the end of July, divide than number by 7 for an average. Times the average by 12 and set yourself a realistic annual goal, then figure out how you’ll aim to achieve it – month by month.

– Get a tracker – I use Garmin which I can access easily to see monthly and annual totals.

– Share your goal and keep a focus on it weekly.

– Plan weekly and monthly targets around holidays and use events and social runs or park runs to keep a focus on running and getting your miles in.

Now, 5 months to go in 2019, who is up for it?

Set your own goal and see what you can achieve. It could help you stay motivated to run during the shorter days / winter months.

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