Wk30 into Wk31 & progress

Last week I got a good amount of running done (4 runs / 26.5 miles), a couple of good rest days and a strength and bike session done.

I got into a good sleep routine and work life balance, and I seem to be waking up before the alarm in the mornings, so that feels good and it feels like I’m getting good sleeps.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon 22: Rest
Tue: 3.5M
Wed: 6M + walk at lunchtime
Thu: Bike & Tabata Strength
Fri: 6.5M wi DMc
Sat: 7.6M FG
Sun: Rest / walk

Plenty exercise, plenty walks and rest and enough sleep (including a good nap on Saturday). It’s good to see my running getting back on track for July. I should o 90-95 miles this month after 60 in May and June.

Now here’s my plans for next week, alternating run days with gym days:

Mon 29: 4-5M intervals @630
Tue: Bike & Runner’s Strength & 5k
Wed: 5M @7am DMc
Thu: Bike & Runner’s Strength
Fri: 5k lunchtime (or am)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 9-10M

End of the month and there’s not been much change in my weight over the months. A bit of a variance in my body composition… -1.5lbs overall, down 2.8lbs of body fat since April, and up 1.3lbs lean mass. A cm down on my waist and hips …

2 April: 139.6lbs / 18% body fat
25.2lbs body fat / 114.4lbs other
109.5lbs lbm / 78.4% lbm
76cm / 101cm / 46% wth

26 May: 137.1lbs / 17.1% body fat
23.5lbs body fat / 113.6lbs other
108.7lbs lbm / 79.3% lbm

24 June: 137.7lbs / 14.5% body fat
20lbs body fat / 117.7lbs other
112.7lbs / 81.9% lbm

27 July: 138.1lbs / 16.2% body fat
22.4lbs body fat / 115.7lbs other
110.8lbs / 80.2% lbm
75cm / 100cm / 45% wth

Heading into the right direction but no biggy. Maybe I should try harder with strength, running, rest, sleep and eating better. August is around the corner, so maybe I will and maybe I’ll put some effort in to do some sole speed / tempo runs.

This week I booked a few trips, August to see my Dad and step mum, September Boston and October to visit my uncle and aunt. Nice things to look forward to whisky keeping everything else hopefully ticking along nicely.

I only have the great Scottish Run half marathon booked in right now but I’ll maybe look for a 10k or 10 miler in the rest of the year. Any recommendations for some good races to run, please comment.

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