Wk29 into Wk30 training

This last week my plan was to ease off and take a break from the heavy strength training and focus more on running and getting my sore neck sorted.

I had a good week of 4 runs (23.5 miles), a bike and tabata strength session, 2 rest days and 2 trips to the chiropractor, including 4 mile walks there and back.

Re my neck – I went to the chiropractor on Monday and just about went into shock after it. The second session on Friday felt better, but it’s still not right. I’ve had things cracked that didn’t know could crack and I’m not sure it’s making much difference. I have 1 session next week as part of a deal I got, then I think I’ll see a physio as they helped before.

I’ve had this pain in my neck / shoulders since early May, and it’s not good so I’ll get it sorted. I feel ok when I’m running though, and I’m going to limit the weights and get on with any exercises the physio gives me.

Here’s what I did last week anyway, a good and balanced week.

Mon 15: 5.2M
Tue: 4.1M / chiropractor (4M walk)
Wed: Bike + KB tabata strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: 9.2M wi DMc / chiropractor (4M walk)
Sat: Rest / walk in the park
Sun: 5M wi FG

A good level of activity and I was even out on Saturday night for once (after a nap to set me up for it lol).

I also got mostly good sleeps apart from a couple of nights, but I think a couple of naps this weekend should help that. It’s raining later, so what better thing to do than nap eh? (Or maybe go to the cinema?!)

Here’s my plan for next week. Maybe a 5k run at lunchtime at work If anyone fancies it?

Mon 22: bike & KB tabata Strength
Tue: 4M
Wed: bike & Runner’s Strength
Thu: 5M
Fri: 5k
Sat: 8-12M Lisa
Sun: Runner’s Strength

4 runs again, 2-3 strength, although if I get 2 done through the week I’ll likely rest on Sunday. All good in the hood. 👍🏻

58.8 miles for July so far, and that might get up to 80 or 90 for the month if I keep running the way I’m planning to. Back up to usual levels again after a couple of 60 mile months.

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