New backpack …

I’ve been using a messenger bag for the last few years to take my stuff to work. It’s only a short walk of about 10 or so minutes, but I decided I’d get a new bag that spreads the weight over my shoulders rather than across my body.

I had a look online, but you can’t beat seeing and trying things like bags, and his weekend I got a north face Isabella bag from Cotswolds. I could have got it about £9 cheaper online, but I thought I’d support the shops rather than buy online. And it was in the sale in the shop too.

It should be good for work and will fit everything I need in it… and it’ll be good for travelling too. It’s very comfy with lots of compartments and everything you need.

It’s 21 litres, and just the right size. The fleece bits are lovely and it keeps everything separate and safe. It’s good for spreading the weight of the bag across your torso and should be better than my other bag, I think, for my sore neck / shoulder. Here’s all the features:

If you’d like to get one google ‘north face Isabella back pack’ and you might be able to get a best price and free delivery (or go to Cotswolds if they have them).

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