Time for new Aftershokz

I’ve had my Aftershokz titanium bone conduction Bluetooth headphones for just over 3 years. I got them just after they came out, as a treat for myself at the London marathon exbo in 2016.

The other day, the right arm cracked a little… they still work, and I’ve sealed them with black electrical tape… they still work, but it’s probably time for a wee upgrade.

They were always big, and I managed to get a 20% off code from Aftershokz for a new pair of minis… so I ordered them and they arrived today.

They fit perfectly around my little head. I was thinking of selling my bigger damaged 3 year old ones, but they’re probably not worth very much. They probably have some life left in them though I expect. If you fancy buying them cheap off me let me know. 🙂 lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk

The sound quality appears to be similar in the new ones, only they fit my tiny head perfectly. I feel so much safer running with Aftershokz as I can hear my surroundings, so much so I’d never run with normal headphones again.

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