Wk23 into Wk24

Last week I was back to work… and my neck was giving me bother. Tight with reduced movement and a nerve pain when I looked right (crossing roads movement when running!)… I had a good hour massage on Tuesday by Clare at Fitness Therapy Glashow? And have been doing physio exercises most of the week.

My body seemed to be rebelling against something, and by Wednesday I decided I’d take some rest, and on Thursday I went into the gym early, but just did some neck exercises and ditched any strength workout I had planned.

I did two morning runs with friends, one on Tuesday and one on Friday morning, and a wee 30 minute run at lunchtime on Tuesday with a colleague.

Mon: Squat Strength / neck exercises
Tue: 10k Run Debbie / 3.5M lunchtime Run / massage/walk
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 6M Run Twinnie / neck exercises
Sat: aborted run / neck/sore head / Rest day
Sun: Deadlift Strength

I had planned three strength sessions and 3-4 runs, but I listened to my body and just did the 1-2 strength sessions and 2 days of running. On Thursday I kind of felt sorry for myself, and knew that I wasn’t motivated to train so didn’t (and knew I needed some rest instead / no guilt).

I had good chats on my runs, running with good and honest friends really is ace.

I had a good Saturday with first an eye test (all well there), then brunch at the cherry tree in Giffnock, then a walk in Newlands Park, and a good afternoon nap when it rained. A nice easy fun day.

Sunday will be a time out day, if I’m feeling good, a lie in and a Strength session, or if I need some restful a lie in and some downtime before next week.

I posted on Facebook that a few weeks back my 18 year old necklace that my good friends clubbed together to buy me for my 21st, snapped. This was on a day (29 May) at work when I got a bit of bad news, and the snapping of my necklace just about pushed me over the edge.

I actually knew it was coming as it had shown signs of weakness … and luckily I managed to catch and keep all the bits.

I posted it on Facebook, ever so sad (but I knew I could probably pay to get it fixed where it was bought). And someone offered to fix it for me, then my friend Sally (who makes jewellery and glass beads) offered to fix it.

By Friday 7 June it was fixed and I was very happy. In just over a week I’d missed being able to wear it. And now it’s fixed, hopefully it’ll stay fixed for a long time. Hopefully it’s a metaphor for how things are at the moment for me – broken for a bit, then fixed and on the way up?

Today after a good sleep I woke up and fit girl and I went out for a run. I didn’t feel quite right with my neck and a sore head, and after a few mins I called it a day. (Looking like I ran for a Burger King and back lol). I took a wee rest day as above instead.

Next week, if I’m feeling better, I’m planning to alternate my run and strength days and hopefully I’ll be up for and motivated to be active as below:

Mon: 4M Run
Tue: Strength
Wed: 8M Run
Thu: Strength
Fri: Run
Sat: Run / Strength?
Sun: Rest

I’ve been watching what I eat to a degree this week, but not being too restrictive. More protein where I can and a few bits of chocolate when I’ve wanted.

After my holidays my weight didn’t go up much / remained more or less the same (down 0.5lbs overall) even with all that ice cream. (Ha ha – I must have got some balance with the mountains of food I was eating and the activity I was doing.)

And in a week back here, I seem to have lost body fat and gained other / lean body mass.

135.4lbs / 17.4% body fat
23.5lbs body fat / 111.9lbs other
79.1% lbm / 107.9lbs lbm

135.9lbs / 15.9% body fat
21.5lbs body fat / 114.4lbs other
80.6% lbm / 109.5lbs lbm

-2lbs body fat / +2.5lbs other

I’m going to use June to get back into regular training, ideally 2 strength sessions a week and 3 runs a week, building up to 10 miles in June, half marathon by July / August.

I’m aiming to drop my body fat if I can, and not think too much about what the overall weight outcome is / add on lean mass.

I’ll see how I feel in the next few days and I might take more rest if I need it. Also a focus on getting plenty of sleep to add to the rest. And I’m hoping to visit some friends for some fun and chat, before a birthday weekend away in newcastle (where I’ll see where my dad grew up).

They lived in Greenside, across from the school. Above is then, looking up the street, and below is a google maps of the house.

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