Wk20 & 21 into Wk22

The week before I went on holiday I was on a bit of a wind down training wise. I was off work from the Wednesday and decided I’d take some time out with Fit Girl … fun, walks, eating out etc, and a wee night away. A good restful week.

That week I ran on Monday, then with Debbie on Tuesday morning and on Sunday morning before I drove to Edinburgh to fly out to Tenerife with some of my family. It seems like a long time ago…

Three runs of about 15 miles in total, bringing my mileage for May to a not very high 43.2 miles for the month. I thought I might run on holiday, but a horrible 3k run on the treadmill made me realise there was no way I’d be able to run 5k in the gym there – ever. No worries.

My running miles for May will be lower than normal, but I had some good restful times and a good sunny holiday abroad instead.

The week before I went away I’d had 4 good rest days, so I was keen to be active on holiday and maybe offset the masses of ice cream I knew I’d probably be eating. I wanted to get back into strength training too, and take advantage of daily access to a few rather large pools in 24-26’C heat.

Mon: 4.1M easy
Tue: 4.5M easy
Wed: Rest / Walks
Thu: Rest / 15 min easy swimming
Fri: Rest / Walks
Sat: Rest
Sun: 6.5M easy

So here’s what I did the week I was away:

Mon: Squat Strength / 2M Run / 1050m swim
Tue: Waterpark / rest / 15k steps
Wed: Deadlift Strength / 750m swim
Thu: KB 80/20 Strength / 1050m swim
Fri: 5k Run / Squats / 750m swim
Sat: Rest / Travel / 10k steps
Sun: Rest (after getting home at 3am)… kite flying!!

Three and a bit strength sessions, four swims (about 3600m), and two runs (5.1M). Three rest days. It all felt pretty balanced between exercise, rest and relaxation (sunbathing & sleeping) and eating lots. (All inclusive, three meals a day plus as many ice creams as I wanted).

I got a bit of a sore head after the swim on Thursday, maybe the cold pool (most of the other days I swam in the heated pool)… or maybe dehydration a bit. Nothing a couple of pills and some sleep and water couldn’t fix…. or maybe the ice cream fixed it?

I lost count of how many ice creams I had, maybe two a day for seven days …12-14 in the week maybe. Still a lot less than the amount of beer lovely brother drank (but all good as we were all on our holidays).

I had a good time with my brother and his family, and my Dad and step mum. And I had almost two days after it to get settled back in at home before going back to work. 13 days off work, it all felt like a long good holiday.

I probably ate more than I usually would when I was away:
– breakfast, eggs, a bit of toast, beans and sometimes a couple of small potatoes. Then a serving of yoghurt and fruit / porridge and coffee. – lunch – fish / meat / veg.. and ice cream.
– dinner – fish / meat / veg / rice … and ice cream and cakes. – snacks – ice cream. Lol.

I didn’t drink many calories though, water mostly – no alcohol as usual, a few small cokes when I felt like I needed a sugar hit… and black coffee part from one milky one. As my previous post showed, I lost a lb, which was +2.5lb body fat and -3lbs lbm.

Now this next week, here’s the plan:

Mon: Rest / Walk
Tue: Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 5-7M Run
Thu: Squat Strength
Fri: 5M Run
Sat: 8-10M coaching (and haircut)
Sun: Deadlift Strength

I really enjoyed the swimming, and I MIGHT think about doing it once a week, maybe on a Monday Wednesday or a Sunday… but we’ll see. I might not be able to fit it in… so I’ll aim to get settled into running an Strength training in June, and do the Roon the Toon 10k in a few weekends time.

The wind was great on Sunday and we took advantage of it, with some great kite flying in Bellahouston Park.

Now I’m back to work this week and back to seeing what results I’ll get from eating and training well in June and July will get me.

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