Food and fun and results

Let’s see if this video below works… if you follow my Facebook page you’ll have seen that last week in Tenerife, I ate lots and lots of food… (especially ice cream) .. it was all inclusive and a 5 star hotel… with a lovely buffet place and a few restaurants.

It was warm, and I had 1-2 ice creams a day… sometimes soft scoop out of the machine, sometimes the real stuff.

For food I had three meals a day, a big breakfast of different types of eggs, then a second plate of yoghurt and fruit / oats.

Lunch was usually a small portion of fish or meat with veg or rice, followed by an ice cream. Then dinner was a bigger portion of main meal, plus ice cream and cakes usually.

I had the odd coke if I wanted a sugar rush, but other than that it was black coffee, water or soda water. My sister in law joked than she thinks I have four stomachs, and she might jus my be right! 🤪

See the video for some pics of our time away (and my food!)…

You’ll see I tried to get a balance between eating, exercising and resting / sunbathing / sleeping and I think it might all just have worked…

Now one week on and I’m home, back to a grey chilly May in Glasgow… I stepped on the scales and here’s the result:

18 May: 137.5lbs / 15.2% body fat
20.9lbs body fat / 116.6lbs other 
111.7lbs lbm / 81.2% lbm

26 May: 137.1lbs / 17.1% body fat
23.5lbs body fat / 113.6lbs other
108.7lbs lbm / 79.3% lbm

Down 0.5lbs overall = down about 3lbs lean mass, and up about 2.5lbs body fat / 2%. 

I’ve maybe added on 2.5lbs of ice cream… more likely… and lost 3lbs of strength. Ha.

We had a good time anyway, and I really enjoyed my time away – it felt perfectly balanced to me.

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