Wk17 into Wk18 & results

It feels a bit like everything with my training is just ticking along nicely and I’m getting a good balance between training, fuelling, rest and fun.

I’m being motivated with my running by running with others, and whilst I’m maybe not doing as much running as I have done in previous Aprils, I’m focusing more on Strength training and getting a good balance between training, rest and work.

I’m working 11-7 most days at work, so it means that I’m easily able to get a session or run in before work. I haven’t been sleeping too well, due to some changes at work… but that should all calm down by next week hopefully. And I’m looking forward to some time out next weekend with friends, before some holidays in May, so that should all be fine.

My lunchtime runs will be on the back burner for a bit because of the shifts, but I’ll be able to run first thing on Tuesdays instead.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk17 – wc 22 Apr
Mon: 45 min easy run wi DMc
Tue: Squat Strength 3
Wed: Rest / 1hr Walk
Thu: Deadlift Strength 4
Fri: 4.3M wi Twinnie
Sat: 4.5M wi FG
Sun: Clean n Press Strength 4 + 5M Run wi DMc

I’ve been helping a friend from work by going out running with her. She has good chat and we enjoy the runs together. She benefits from my amazing chat (ha!) and some routes I tale her on…and I benefit from having some company and chat to run with.

She’s going to do a 10k in May, so has been building up to that. We ran on Monday together and I’ll run with her on Sunday to see if I can help her push her pace a bit, maybe over 3 miles out of 5 miles, or 4 miles out of 6.2. We’ll see what she’s up for. She’s come on a lot with her fitness and running since the start of the year and I like her determination and competitiveness she has with herself.

Next week, my plan is below, with a trip to Inverness for my best friends 40th birthday…

Wk18 – wc 29 Apr

Mon: Squat Strength 4 + 3.5M
Tue: 7M Run = 70M for April
Wed: Deadlift Strength 5
Thu: Travel / Inverness / Rest
Fri: 10k TT Run
Sat: 4M easy Run / Travel
Sun: Clean n Press Strength 5

Friday is a bit of an anniversary for me too… as it was my friend’s 30th birthday when I drank so much, and ended up so sick the next day, that it was then that I decided to give up booze for ever (and now I’m just being stubborn about it, and not drinking – although I do believe it’s the right choice for me). I’m looking forward to seeing her and her family anyway and having a nice bit of time out (and I’ll get some running in Inverness I’m too).

She now has two young twin boys, a very nice supportive group of friends and family (and Holly the cat), so it’ll be nice to visit her and celebrate her turning 40. I have a nice surprise for her too… so I’m looking forward to seeing her face when she opens it.

Back to running I’ve been a little surprised at how few miles I’ve got in this month, by Sunday it’ll be about 60 miles… but it’s because a. I’m not training for a marathon like I usually am at this time of the year and b. Because I took a bit of time out / rest over Easter.

I looked back at previous Aprils and I’ve run anything from 80-150 miles in April.

But this month I should still get to 70 miles for the month (if I get my finger out), the same as January this year.

Now heres my results for the end of a month of doing the following:

1. Regular strength sessions 2-3 a week

2. Keeping running ticking along 60 miles in 4 weeks in April (plus walking)

3. Eating more protein (about 1/3) and not being greedy / eating everything in sight – focussing on eating for fuel instead.

Now here’s the results after 4 weeks:

2 April: 139.6lbs / 18%
25.2lbs body fat / 114.4lbs other
109.5lbs lbm / 78.4% lbm
76cm / 101cm / 46% wth

27 April: 137.1lbs / 16.5%
22.6lbs body fat / 114.5lbs other
109.6lbs lbm / 79.9% lbm
72cm / 99cm / 43% wthr

In 4 weeks I’m down 2.5lbs (2.6lbs body fat)… down 4cm on my waist and 2cm on my hips. The focus on strength training is clearly working, and perhaps the change to eating more protein too. It’s been easy and not restrictive so all good.

I could have run more and could have been more active last week, but I chose to rest and enjoy some time out for Easter instead. (And I only had one Easter egg!) – a bit of ‘everything in moderation’ and some common sense happening this month.

In April I managed to squeeze in a few big meals (pizza / burger / ice cream). So I’m pleased with how it’s all going. It all feels like a good balance, not too restrictive, maintainable and getting the results I’m after.

The only thing is now, I’m likely to go in holiday mid May and eat ice cream and take some more time out, so it’s likely the results won’t last. But we’ll see. I’m keen to keep going as I have been, not put pressure on myself, enjoy my training (and my food and holidays)… so we’ll take it as it comes.

These next weeks I’ll sort myself out with my work, keep the training and food on track as I have been and take some time out again to spend time with nice friends and family.

I’m also keen to get back to writing more on here, as I’ve been a little preoccupied with other things. It’ll come soon – I’m looking forward to what the next six months or so brings. Fun, friends, family and focus for May. 🙂

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