April and May plan

Last week I had a few days rest… I still did my three strength sessions, and did one good run – a 10k time trial on Tuesday morning, but I haven’t run since. I’ve done quite a few walks though… time off, rest days and walks in parks etc.

Here’s what I’ve done training wise since coming back from holiday at the end of March:

Wk13 – 2x Strength & 3x run incl 10×1:1
Wk14 – 3x Strength & 3x run incl stairs
Wk15 – 3x Strength & 1x run – 10k time trial – 51:12 mins (x3 rest)

And here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Squat Strength
Tue: 10k time trial in 51:12
Wed: Deadlift Strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: Clean n Press Strength & Walks
Sat: Rest & Walks
Sun: Rest, Walks & Gardening

I usually walk about 6-8 miles a week when I’m at work… this week I walked about 15 miles. So whilst I was on rest days I was still active…

Now here’s the plan for the next 7 weeks, back on it…

Wk16 – wc 22 Apr
Mon: 45 min easy run
Tue: Squat Strength 3 + 5k Run
Wed: 9M Long Run
Thu: Deadlift Strength 4
Fri: Rest or 5M incl 3M tempo
Sat: Clean n Press Strength 4
Sun: 5M Run (DMc)

Wk17 – wc 29 Apr
Mon: Squat Strength 4
Tue: 5M Run
Wed: Deadlift Strength 5
Thu: Travel / Inverness / Rest
Fri: 10k TT Run
Sat: 4M Run / Travel
Sun: Clean n Press Strength 5

Wk18 – wc 6 May
Mon: off rest
Tue: 5k Run
Wed: Squat Strength 5
Thu: 6×2:2M Run
Fri: Deadlift Strength 6
Sat: 8M Run incl 10k steady
Sun: Rest

Wk19 – wc 13 May
Mon: Clean n Press Strength 6
Tue: 4M Run
Wed: off / rest
Thu: 6M incl 4M tempo
Fri: Squat Strength 6
Sat: off travel away
Sun: 5M Run

Wk20 – wc 20 May
Mon: Strength – Sq / Sh Pr / Dl / Be Pr / Row
Tue: Run / Bodyweight
Wed: Strength – KB
Thu: Run / Bodyweight
Fri: Strength – Sq / Sh Pr / Dl / Be Pr / Row
Sat: off travel back
Sun: Squat Strength 7

Wk21 – wc 27 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: 5k Run
Wed: Deadlift Strength 7
Thu: 7M incl 2x2M tempo Run
Fri: Clean n Press Strength 7
Sat: 5M tempo
Sun: Rest

Wk22 – wc 3 June
Mon: Squat Strength 8
Tue: 5k Run
Wed: Deadlift Strength 8
Thu: 4M Run
Fri: Clean n Press Strength 8
Sat: Rest
Sun: Roon the Toon 10k

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