Easter trip to Dundee

I took a couple days off training this week, rest on Thursday and rest on Saturday, and we spent a day and night in Dundee for fun. Friday morning I squeezed in clean n Press Strength, before we left for Dundee.

Yesterday we took a walk around Dundee and had lunch, before going up the Dundee ‘Law’ for nice views around the area…. and we had a wee wander around to see the many statues dotted about.

Then at night we went out for dinner and I had a very tasty thin crust goats cheese, beetroot and caramelised onion pizza at the Giddy Goose.

Today we had breakfast in the hotel, then had a wee walk around the V&A, the riverside and the shops / centre of Dundee…

Here’s a panoramic of me inside the V&A x 2…

Here’s me joining some penguins on the Main Street …

Then we went to Camperdown Park where I had this rather expensive but tasty vanilla and strawberry ice cream…

After that we went to Broughty Ferry for a walk and some lunch out. I nearly had another ice cream, but I refrained. 🤪 Back home now, continuing to enjoy the sunshine, and I’ll do a long run tomorrow before strength training again on Monday.

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