Wk15 into wk16 & results

Another good week of regular training in the books for me…. here what I got up to:

Mon: Squat Strength 1
Tue: 5k easy recovery run
Wed: Deadlift Strength 2 – 51/46kg
Thu: 40 mins of stairs & burpees(!)
Fri: Clean n Press Strength 3 – 26/24kg
Sat: Rest
Sun: 2M + 4.2M wi Debbie + 3.8M easy (10M)

Thursday’s stair and burpee run was good, but it left my calves right until a long easy run on Sunday and some foam rolling.

It was pyramids of the stairs (900 stairs in total) and 45 burpees in total between the pyramids. Brutal, but clearly good at the same time. Hopefully it’ll be easier with faster recovery next time.

I was going to do a 10k time trial on Sunday (today), but instead ran 10 easy miles including just over 4 miles with my friend Debbie. I’ll aim to do the 10k time trial along the Clyde on Tuesday morning instead. It was a nice morning for it, sunny and cold but good running weather.

Next week my shift at work will change a bit next week and I’ll be working 11-7 Monday Tuesday Wednesday so I’ll try to get a bit of a lie in and train at about 8am those days.

Mon: Squat Strength 2
Tue: 10k time trial
Wed: Deadlift Strength 3
Thu: 6×2:2 – 35 min time trial at 7am
Fri: Clean n Press Strength 3
Sat: Rest
Sun: 7-5M long easy

Then I’m off work the Monday Tuesday after so I’ll see what we’ll get up to then.

I might have mentioned last week that I’ve been increasing the amount of protein in eating, and being careful not to be greedy. About a third of my calories are protein, and I’m about 1200 calories under my calorie goal for the second week in a row.

That’s resulted in a loss of 2lbs overall, with a reduction of 2.8lbs body fat. I’ve run about 18 miles each week, and done three strength sessions.

My sleep could be better, but work is in a little bit of a flux state just now, so I can’t see my sleep improving much until I get a holiday again (5 weeks and counting). I’ll maybe get longer sleeps with three days of later start coming up.

The way I’ve eaten more protein is by having:

– tuna (or chicken) and cottage cheese with tomatoes and cucumber etc for lunch. – SIS protein 20 bars for snacks
– maxi muscle promax protein bars for snacks
– my protein powders mixed with fage total 0% Greek yoghurt and berries for a snack.
– the Greek yoghurt above added to my breakfast cereal (and sometimes vanilla protein powder mixed in with it).
– apples for snacks instead of snack sized mars bars (not protein, but less cals).
– beef n black bean sauce for chinese takeaway, with uncle bend wholemeal rice instead of takeaway rice.

Another good week of training and nutrition in the diary and the numbers are going the right way anyway.

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