Strength Training Plan April & May

Here’s the workouts I’ll do in April and May.

Aiming for three strength workouts a week, but some weeks I’ll do two when other things get in the way (like last week, where rest was required on Monday).

I’ll aim to do do strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I’ll aim to run on Tuesday, Thursday and one day at the weekend.

Below is where I’m at with the weights, and I’ll aim to increase the weights (or reps) as the weeks go on. I’ll do this for the next 6 weeks, then see where I’m at:

Wc1 Apr – 2 workouts done
Wc8 Apr, Wc15 Apr, Wc22 Apr, Wk29 Apr, Wc6 May, – 3 workouts (ideally)
Wc13 May – 1 workout before holidays

Workout Day 1

– Squats 4×8/8/10/10 42/36kg
/ Clean n Press 26kg 3×8/9/10

Reverse Lunges 4×8/8/9/10es 27kg
/ High Pulls 3xAMRAP (x16) 26kg

Finisher x3: 9:01
Single leg deadlift x10es
KB Swing 20kg x20
TRX Atomic Press ups x10

Workout Day 2

– Deadlift 4×8/8/10/10 51/46kg +
/ Press Up Holds 3xAMRAP (12)

– Bench press 4xAMRAP 22kg (10) +
/ Row 3x10es 12.5kg +

Finisher x3: 9:08
Single leg deadlift 10es 12.5kg
30kg carry 1 min
Box Jumps x10

Workout Day 3

Clean n press 4×8/8/10/10 24/21kg +
/ Romanian Deadlift 3xAMRAP 52kg (x9,7,6)

Split Squats 4×8/8/9/10es 22kg +
/ Squat to Press 10/9 2x10kg 8 2×12.5kg +

Finisher x3: 6:23 / 6:55 / 6:31
KB Swings 20kg x20
Gym ball leg curl x15
Burpees x10

I’ll do Bike HIIT after the workouts, 8×20:10s, with a warm up and cool down, totalling around 8 minutes.

I’ll take a my protein pre workout in fruit punch flavour before the workout, and think about eating more protein each day to help recover and fill me up. It’s a potent little concoction and turns pink when mixed. Ooft!!

Here’s the link to it… (check out the nutritional information on that page).

(If you do order it, make sure you look out for any voucher codes like BEST which cuts the price by a third at the moment… )

Let’s see what all that does for me in April and May.

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