Wk13 into Wk14 & Training

Last week was a good balance of training and rest for me. Although I only did one strength session (on holiday) I did a good amount of running – nice and easy apart from the half marathon yesterday.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon 25: 4M Run
Tue 26: Bodyweight Strength
Wed 27: 3.7M easy
Thu 28: Travel & Rest
Fri 29: 8M easy Run
Sat 30: Rest
Sun 31: Alloa Half marathon 13.1M

Here’s the running I did in March:

That’s a jump up to 95 miles running for March, and I managed a good solid two weeks of three strength workouts too. (Jan was 70 miles, Feb 75 miles with limited strength training). And it was a higher than normal 16 runs in the month, even with a week of holiday.

My Garmin seems to be giving me positive feedback – saying I was peaking ahead of the race, and now training productively, with an increase in my vo2 max estimate to 52 the other day, and 51 today, which I’ll take.

For the Alloa Half on Sunday I knew that I’d push myself, and with my average heart rate at 162 / max 178, for nearly an hour and 50 yesterday, I’m feeling it today.

It was about 10 minutes slower than my overall pb at Skye half marathon 5 years ago – when I pushed my average HR 7 beats higher (169 on average!!)… for (probably a once in a lifetime) average pace of 7:29.

5 years older, and 11lbs heavier… go figure. (Getting old-er / carrying more weight = adds 10 minutes on lol).

About 45 seconds a mile slower at Alloa yesterday, but I’m good with that. After the race, I stretched after an did my usual recovery, walked some and ate and drank plenty, but I do feel worse than I did after the Inverness half marathon where I appeared to work a wee bit harder than yesterday.

Let’s see what’s sore today … my toes, the sole of my right foot, right ankle, my calves, hamstrings and quads, my obliques, my mid and upper back, shoulders, left side and back of my neck. Lol. And my eyes have a bit of blurry vision too (tiredness).

And that’s after a good 10 hour sleep last night and 400mg of ibuprofen this morning. Proper race hungover… but it kinda feels good, so I’m not complaining.

Rest day today, that’s for sure… and I’ve already had two small breakfasts and two coffees (after I woke up with the runger) – then a week walk around the park for some light active recovery.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5k – 4M easy
Wed: Squat Strength
Thu: 10×1:1 distance trial (or 5M easy)
Fri: Deadlift Strength
Sat: Rest / fun with friends
Sun: 12M coaching

And now that I’ve entered the Troon 10k on the 9th June, here’s my idea of what a 10 week training plan for it will look like.

1 Apr: 5k, 10×1:1, 12M incl 6M strong
8 Apr: 4M, 45 mins Hills, 10k TT
15 Apr: 5k, 6×2:2, 7M
22 Apr: 5k, 5M incl 3M tempo, 9M
29 Apr: 4M, 5M easy, 10k TT
6 May: 5k, 3×5:3, 8M
13 May: 4M, 6M incl 4M tempo, 7M
20 May: holiday 2-4x easy runs
27 May: 5k, 7M incl 2x2M tempo, 5M
3 Jun: 5k, 4M, Troon 10k

I might do easy runs instead of the speedwork midweek, but we’ll see. And there will likely be some coaching in there too replacing some planned runs. The main focus will be on fitting in 2-3 good strength sessions a week in April and May, and doing my running around it.

Strength will be what I’ve been doing…three sessions:
– Squat Strength
– Deadlift Strength
– Clean n Press Strength

Oh and I’ve started painting the inside of the Garagym door white. One coat down, it’ll be a lot brighter once it’s done.

And for once in my life I’m looking at what I eat a bit more, less greediness / eating what I want because I’ve earned it running, more being conscious of what I’m consuming to fuel my training well. Play about with what I’m eating when and see if I can make an effort to eat more protein. We’ll see how that turns out.

I’ll have a few things changing at work in the next few months, so I’ll be trying to roll with that and keep everything ticking along nicely. Roll on Spring / Summer.

Oh and finally, as a reward for doing the half marathon I decided to treat myself to a new pair of trainers… another pair of my newly found Mizuno Sonics… in light blue instead of purple this time.

Lighter and less supportive / structured than my usual mizuno wave inspires, these are described as racing flats which can go up to 26.2 miles. And come at a pretty reasonable price.

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