Wk12 into Wk13

Last week I had a good week re training, with two full strength sessions, and two bodyweight Strength sessions, four little-ish runs and a quick bike tabata.

I managed to finish off my two x three sessions of full body strength, a squat session, a deadlift session and a clean n press session. I’ve increased the weights as I’ve gone and I’m feeling good on it.

Then when I’ve been on holiday I’ve done a 25 min bodyweight session every second day.

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Mon 18: Deadlift Strength & 4 min bike tabata
Tue 19: 4M lunchtime run
Wed 20: 5.5M run wi Twinnie
Thu 21: Clean n Press Strength & Travel
Fri 22: 2.5M Run / Bodyweight Strength
Sat 23: 4.4M Run
Sun 24: Bodyweight Strength

It’s good set up for April where I’m going to aim to strength train three times a week, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. And I’ll run three days around that. I’ll build the weights and AMRAP reps up, taking note of them as I go.

Ive expectedly had good sleeps on holiday, although strange dreams that I’d rather not be dreaming about. But hey ho.


On Sunday coming I have the Alloa half marathon. And whilst my last long run of about 6 miles was a few days after the Inverness Half, my Garmin is apparently telling me that my reduction in training is causing me to ‘peak’ … so maybe I’ll be in good shape ahead of Alloa.

I’ll take it as it comes and see how I go. I have Monday off so that’ll be a good recovery day for me. Maybe the holiday has forced me to taper… little and often runs are fine here. And we had a rest from running on Thursday and Sunday.

In March so far I’ve run just over 70 miles, add on the half, brings it to 83.3, so I might get 90-95 miles this month. Up from 70 in January and 75 in February.

Here’s my plan for this week:

Mon 25: 4M Run (=70.2)
Tue 26: Bodyweight Strength / 3-5M Run
Wed 27: Circuit Strength / 5k Run
Thu 28: Travel & Rest
Fri 29: 4-6M Run / KB or Runner Strength
Sat 30: Rest
Sun 31: Alloa Half marathon

Oh and here’s me eating some ice cream this week too.

That’ll do. Then it’s into April and who knows what will happen then. Eeek.

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