Inverness Half Marathon route & elevation

I was looking at my Garmin activity from last years Inverness Half Marathon.

I ran it in just under 1:50, and it was a good event. So I’m back again this year.

Here’s the elevation chart for it… looks like it’s uphill from about 2 miles in, then downhill for a bit after about 4 miles, and mostly down / flat for the last 3 or so, I think. And here’s the route.

I know the end of the route from the Loch Ness marathon and it feels good to come into the finish straight after 12-13 miles as opposed to 24-26 miles.

Last year I ran it with an average heart rate of 163, max 172. And I might just go for that again. I’ll aim for 155-160 most of the way, then let go a bit towards the end. And I’ll have plenty energy, caffeine and water along the way.

This was me last year, I really enjoyed it. So we’ll see what happens this year. I’ll be in purple and yellow this year instead of rainbow and red! I doubt I’ll be faster than last year, but you never know.

My number this year will be 2619.

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