Strength Training in March

True to my word to Ken the king of the Kelvin… I got a simple strength workout plan together. Based on 2-3 workouts a week, I’ll also do running and bike workouts. It was a bit of a struggle getting out of bed for the two this week, but I managed it, just. And felt good for them.

Here’s the plan for my strength sessions (which should take 35-45 mins). I just need to get early nights and some good sleeps, so I’m able to get up early to do them before work. I’ll put some Bike HIIT sessions in there too at points when I’m back on it all.

I’ll do bodyweight strength if I’m away from my gym. Simple workouts, compound movements, like Squats, Press Ups, Burpees etc.

Workout Day 1 –

– Squats 4×8/8/10/10 37/32kg
/ Clean n Press 18-21kg 3×8/9/10

Reverse Lunges 4×8/8/9/10es 22kg
/ High Pulls 3xAMRAP (x16) 21kg

Finisher x3:
– Single leg deadlift x10es
– KB Swing x20
– TRX Atomic Press ups x10 (or Press Ups)

Workout Day 2 –

– Deadlift 4×6/6/8/8 46/41kg
/ Press Up Holds 3xAMRAP (x8)

– Bench press 4xAMRAP 22kg (x10)
/ Single Arm Row 3x10es 12.5kg

Finisher x3:
– Single leg deadlift 10es 12.5kg
– 30kg carry 1 min

Workout Day 3 –

Clean n press 4×8/8/10/10 24/21kg
/ Romanian Deadlift 3xAMRAP 46kg

Split Squats 4×8/8/9/10es 22kg
/ Squat to Press 8/9/10 2x8kg

Finisher x3:
– KB Swings 20 16kg
– Gym ball leg curl 20
– Burpees 10

Then here’s the weekly plan for March, 2-3 Strength, 3 runs a week:

Mon 4: Rest
Tue 5: Squat Strength & 5k Run
Wed 6: Deadlift Strength
Thu 7: Rest & Travel
Fri 8: 5-6M
Sat 9: Rest
Sun 10: Inverness Half marathon

Mon 11: Rest & Travel
Tue 12: 4-5M run & 5k
Wed 13: Clean n Press Strength
Thu 14: Run
Fri 15: Squat Strength
Sat 16: 8-10M
Sun 17: Deadlift Strength

Mon 18: Run
Tue 19: Clean n press Strength
Wed 20: Run
Thu 21: Travel
Fri 22: Run
Sat 23: Bodyweight Strength
Sun 24: 6-8M Run

Mon 25: Bodyweight Strength
Tue 26: 5M
Wed 27: 5M / Bodyweight Strength
Thu 28: Travel & Rest
Fri 29: Run / Strength
Sat 30: Rest
Sun 31: Alloa Half marathon

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