Wk8 into Wk9

Last week life and work took over a bit… so much so I only did one half hours Strength session and two runs. On Monday morning I was in the middle of my workout early, and got a text saying a colleague was going to be off sick. Queue me finishing that workout and not doing my bike workout.

I had a training course and needed to get to work early to get a couple of things done in the 3 hours between 730 and when the course started at 1030. It all worked out ok in the end, but it turned out to be a long day at work.

I had slight doms in my calves from Monday’s workout, but had also planned to go back to work on Tuesday night after a full day at work to see a pilot for the new Nine O’clock news programme be recorded. It’s an exciting time to be working at BBC Scotland and I wanted to take it in when I could.

So Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we’re rest days, and on Friday I went a nice run with my work Twinnie. 5 miles as the sun came up, running around the Clyde. I seem to have been running there a lot recently. Which is fine. Nice and flat and I know the distances well. Not a bad sunrise too.

This morning I went a 12 mile run – coaching with Tania who ran 8 miles to meet me. She’s doing well with her london marathon training. I was keeping her from going too fast and kept her at about 9 minute mile pace.

For me, the run felt fine and my heart rate was a good 153 on average. Good considering I didn’t run last week due to having a sore back / neck and being sick on Saturday or Sunday.

My training for the Inverness half hasn’t been ideal, but I’m feeling good when I do run, so I just need to keep doing running regularly. I’ll focus more on strength training from April onwards. I’m still going to do some strength, but I need to keep a focus on my running.

Anyway, here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Insanity Cardio Attack
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5M wi Twinnie
Sat: Carpet fitted in house / moving lots
Sun: 12M steady HR avg 153

The weather has become a little more pleasant into double figures some days. And I’ve started to wear shorts again.

Next week, there’s a bit of a challenging day at work later in the week on Thursday – but nothing a good run won’t help set me up for.

My monthly mileage for February is 56.5 with just a few days to go. I run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. And might make it up to 70 or 75 miles for the month.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 4.3M Maxwell Park / PM Strength
Tue: 8M West End
Wed: Strength & Bike HIIT
Thu: 6.2M easy (for 75 miles for Feb)
Fri: Strength & Bike HIIT
Sat: 12-14M strong last 4M
Sun: Rest & Lunch out

We’ll see how it goes as to whether I’ll be able to get that all in, but that’s the ideal plan. With a real push to get a good long run done on Saturday. I need to work on getting out of bed early in the mornings too.

Especially for sights and sunrises like we had in the last few weeks.

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