How resilient are you?

On a scale of one to ten, how resilient would you say you are?

At work earlier in the week on a course I learned about resilience and what makes people resilient.

I like to think I’m pretty resilient, having been through a few challenges from early on in life, I see challenges as something I can deal with positively, and I like to think that I learn from set backs and challenges.

I’m confident and I lean on others for support. I get and have a strong sense of purpose in life, and I’m able to flex with change.

I’m aware that some times I’m less resilient than other times … my resilience usually drops when I’m set a challenge which is out of my control, and I need to work through it to understand it better so I can know what I can do to deal with it.

We learned a bit the Robertson Cooper model of resilience which includes four parts to make up resilience:

1. Social support – connections / praise / thanks / recognition

2. Confidence – in flow / in the zone / feedback / self esteem

3. Purposefulness – why we’re here / clear sense of purpose

4. Adaptability – able to flex and adapt / able to deal with change & recover from it

Here’s what resilience is:

– Resilience is the ability to tolerate discomfort.

– Resilience protects us from burn out and rust out.

– Ability to bounce back / keep going / inner strength.

– Rolling with the punches.

– Able to deal with adverse situations in a positive experience and creative way.

– Picking yourself up. Getting over failure.

– Acceptance, moving on, planning what you can do.

– Wobble but don’t fall down.

– Changed by challenges and learn from them.

– Finding the new normal after the change / challenge.

– Support and staying connected.

– Absorbing learnings offered by setbacks quickly with minimal physical and mental impact.

– Transforming a challenge into an opportunity.

I know I do all of that, and usually my resilience is high, up at 9 or 10, but when challenges come along it can drop sometimes. And right now it’s about a 7. Im getting by but I’m not 100%.

The purpose bit of my life is a bit thrown up at the moment, out of my control Moseley, whilst I wait to find out what will happen with my job. And I only have a bit of control over that (ie Prep for interviews etc).

So I’m talking to others, getting social support and I’m taking time out to take my mind off it if I can. Time and fate will take care of it, but it’s hard not knowing what will happen.

I’m waking up through the night, so my sleep is disturbed, and it might be just because it’s February and I need a holiday, but I’m struggling to be motivated. But it probably all ties back to not having being in control of me having sure future (even though whatever happens, I’ll be fine and still be in a job).

My Confidence can be increased by doing things I’m good at, like running, training, coaching and working with people. And adaptability – well I know from times in the past that I can flex with change and do it positively, so that’ll take care of itself too.

Anyway, time will tell. By the end of March or even the end of February, I should have a clearer sense of direction and I’ll be able to get settled again.

So looking at the above about what resilience is, how resilient are you?

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