Nice thing at work

I got a nice mention in my work today. Some people nominated me as a ‘local hero’ and I wrote some answers to come questions about my involvement in getting BBC Scotland ready for the new channel that launches on Monday. It was nice to get a mention anyway. 🙂

This week has been a bit busy and as a result I’ve had rest days Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. I took a bit of time out of training so I could focus on work, and get some good sleeps too. On Wednesday my sore neck / upper back was back, but I had a good sleep and felt better today.

Friday and Saturday I’m going to run. Friday morning with my work Twinnie and Saturday it’s coaching with Tania ahead of the London marathon. Then I might do the gym on Sunday to make for 2 runs and 2 strength sessions.

Next week should be another week of full on work, but I’ll see how I get on with my training this week before I decide what I’ll get up to next week.

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