Wk7 into Wk8 / pain in the neck

Last week I had a good level of activity and some good sleeps too. I still woke up early a couple of mornings but managed to get back this sleep and I had some good sleeps this weekend.

Last week was three runs 14.5 miles in total. Not exactly ideal training for a half marathon in a just under a month, but it’ll do. I did three strength sessions, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, and a bike tabata session on Monday too.

(Photo taken by Stevie Middleton on Friday morning when I was running)

Mon: Runners Strength & 20 min bike tabatas
Tue: 4M lunchtime & Full body strength
Wed: KB 80/20 Strength
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5.2M easy
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5.3M Glasgow Green

I had a good lunchtime run on Tuesday and s good early morning run with Debbie on Friday. I wasn’t really in the mood for Wednesday mornings Strength session, but got through it anyway.

Oddly after my run on Friday, but not connected to it I don’t think, I had an uncomfortable feeling that I’d pulled a muscle at the top right of my back / lower neck. It limited my movement of my head looking up and to the right, and it was sore.

I’ve had it before and it’s usually due to underlying stress at work. Something just pops, probably my body reminding me I’m not invincible. I know what to do to help it, some movement exercises / physio and pain killers.

I took some pain killers on Saturday, and they probably didn’t agree with me, so for the first time in years I was actually head over the toilet sick, then I had a nap to recover. Great fun, but needed.

I feel fine now on Sunday and the pain has subsided so no need for pain killers today, but I’ll keep doing my movement exercises and increase the range of movement I have. And it should wear off / recover soon.

This morning’s run was fine, I was still being a bit cautious with it and didn’t do a long run, but an easy 5 miler instead. It seemed to all ease off a bit.

Now the plan is to listen to my body and probably not so what I’m planning below, but this would be what I’d do if I’m feeling ok. Or I’ll have some rest days instead, or just run or do the bike.

Mon: Insanity max 30 & 20 min bike tabatas
Tue: Run
Wed: Full body Strength & 20 min bike tabatas
Thu: Run early
Fri: Runners Strength & 20 min bike tabatas
Sat: 10M
Sun: Rest

Since the start of the year with my training, my progress has been as below…

1 Jan: 139.5lbs / 17.2% body fat
24lbs body fat / 115.5lbs other
79.3% lbm / 110.6lbs lbm

17 Feb: 138.9lbs / 15.8% body fat
21.9lbs body fat / 117lbs other
80.6% lbm / 112lbs lbm

Not much change in weight, but a decrease in body fat of about a kg, and an increase in lean body mass of just under a kg, in 6 to 7 weeks.

-0.6lbs / -2.1lbs body fat / +1.5lbs other / lbm

I’ll keep a track of this to see what happens. Aiming to reduce my body fat down by about 1% a month, so I’m sort of on track. But I probably need to be better with my food intake to get anything drastic to happen here.

The next few weeks at work are likely to be busy, so I’ll need to get a balance with it and life / training / fun. I have a few challenges coming my way so I’ll need to get my cape on for it a bit so I can hopefully succeed.

Anyway, running wise … it’s…

3 weeks to the Inverness half.
6 weeks to the Alloa half.

Better get me some long runs in. 🙂

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