£1.50 a month…

£1.50 a month. It doesn’t sound a lot does it?

I don’t have kids myself, but I put £1.50 a month into the accounts of some kids who are special to me. I started it when my oldest niece was born in 2001.

That’s £18 a year for each of them, plus any interest they accrue if the money is left in there.

It started off doing it for family, and now I’m picking special little babies who I want to give to.

I’ll put £1.50 a month into their bank accounts for at least 18 years.

That’s £324 over 18 years, that I’m giving away, to 7 kids… and I’m hopefully about to do it for two more babies I know, once I get their bank account details.

Then if we add interest to that. Say they have a children’s bank account that has a 4% interest rate…

My £324 could turn into about £475… an extra £150 out of no where.

That’s compound interest for you (as long as the money is left in there, which it might not be!)

One of the kids is going to be 18 soon, and I can’t decide if I should stop the deposits or not at the end of her 18th year… we will see.

My kinda charity, to give little amounts over a long time, to those that I’m close to. See if I can help make a little difference for them.

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