Wk6 into Wk7

Last week I didn’t manage to fit in any strength training through the week. A rather hectic couple of days at work on the Monday Tuesday, and then I didn’t pack my kettlebell or weights when going up to Aberdeen.

The weather was pretty bad in Stonehaven on the Friday so I didn’t venture out for my planned run. Rest days and time with my Dad and step mum instead.

I did however get some planning and action done in relation to my work, and spent some good time with my family, so I don’t feel bad about falling off track with training.

I had said I want February to be about strength training and building my long runs to ahead of the two half marathon I’m doing in March. But I’ll need to focus a bit on my work for a bit so I’ll get a balance between all three and the rest of life.

I ran on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday Thursday Friday we’re rest days. I traveled back from the north east on Saturday and went into the gym when I got back. So that’s me starting back on it after some good rest days.

Wk6 – Wc 4 Feb
Mon: 4M Run Coaching
Tue: 5k lunchtime
Wed: Aberdeen / Rest
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: Travel / Rest & kite fly
Sun: 9.3M Run negative split with last half at just under race effort

I also have to get my long runs in. Last weekend I ditched a 9-10 miler for a 4.5 mile run, which isn’t the best.

But I got up on Sunday and did an hour and half. 45 mins with my friend Debbie, then 45 mins at just under race effort. Nice and strong. The chat and company for the first 45 mins was a good way to get settled into it and I felt really good for the second half.

I should be back home and not travelling with work so much for the next few weeks. With my next trip to Inverness at the start of March, so that should help. (After Birmingham last week and Aberdeen this week).

Then next week I’m planning the following:

Wk7 – wc 11 Feb
Mon: Runners Strength + 20 min bike tabata
Tue: 5k + (4×6 Strength PM if time)
Wed: 20 min bike tabata + Full body strength
Thu: 6-7M
Fri: 20 min bike tabata + 4×6 strength
Sat: 11-12M
Sun: Rest

I want to get a good work life balance, and aim to be active most days if I can. And then here’s the plan for my long run training:

Wk8 – wc 18 Feb – 12-15M
Wk9 – wc 25 Feb – 10-12M (Coaching)
Wk10 – wc 4 Mar – Inverness Half
Wk11 – wc 11 Mar – 10-12M
Wk12 – wc 18 Mar – 8M (hols)
Wk13 – wc 25 Mar – Alloa Half

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