Kite flying family fun

My Dad always told this story about how he made himself a kite when he was young. He got a piece of cane, broke it in two and split one in the middle so that he could make a cross. Then he got some string to secure it together and wrapped it in paper to make the kite.

The main challenge he had was getting some strong string that was long enough. His Dad was a miner so he asked him to get some string from the mines. And he did. So he finished his kite and flew it.

This weekend when I was visiting my dad, the wind arrows on the weather app were black and it said it would be about 50mph. I asked him yesterday if he fancied flying my kite and he said no.

I have a stunt kite (two in fact) that I keep in my car, just in case the wind is up and I’m out and I fancy flying a kite.

But then out of the blue without me printing him today he said – ‘right, so are we going to fly this kite then?’ So we went down to the park and got the kite out for a fly.

(He’s not as practiced or as good as me, but we still had fun).

After we flew the kite we went for a wee walk along the river and home.

Flying kites for fun must run in the family. 🙂

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