Wk5 into Wk6

Being away two days last week with work took a bit of a toll on me, but I made sure I relaxed on the train coming back up from Birmingham on the Wednesday, then took Thursday as a rest day and got a good sports massage from Clare at fitness therapy glasgow.

I had two rest says, three run days and two sort of strength days. Although I must admit I wasn’t really up for the strength session on the Saturday, due to the cold and me not sleeping great the night before.

Here’s what I did anyway, still active all week, and a bit of a recovery week run wise, with a shorter run than planned at the weekend.

Wk5 – Wc 28 Jan
Mon: Rest
Tue: 4.5M run Birmingham
Wed: Bodyweight Strength (hotel)
Thu: Rest / massage / 4M walk
Fri: 4.1M tempo
Sat: Full body 24s Strength
Sun: 4.4M easy

I’ve got the Inverness half marathon on the 10th March and the Alloa half marathon on the 31st March, so I’ll need to be building my long runs to from now on.

I’m away with work again next week, and I’ll do my training around it. Here’s what I’m planning:

Wk6 – Wc 4 Feb
Mon: Full body 24s + Bike T20m, PM 4-5M easy run (coaching)
Tue: KB 4×6 + Bike T20m, 5k lunchtime
Wed: Aberdeen / Travel / rest
Thu: Aberdeen / rest
Fri: KB 80/20 or KB 4×6 or run
Sat: Travel / rest
Sun: 8-9M run

Time to get more into my weights and bike tabatas in February. Build them up gradually.

Work is taking over a bit, so next week, and for the month of February I’m going to try to get more of a balance, get my sleep back on track and get my training in.

My weight and body composition has stayed the same, so hopefully a bit more effort in my training will see that improve soon.

I get to visit my Dad next week, so I’m looking forward to that. And it’s more important than any run or strength session, so I might drop what I’m doing on Friday to spend time with him instead.

Coaching tomorrow night with Audrey, let’s see what I can push her to do then.

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